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Chapter 8 You Don’t Have To Follow Me Everywhere

“I’m not done yet.” Julian grabbed her hand, pressed her back onto the seat, and crouched over to kiss the corner of her lips. “All right, now you can continue.”

Sadie stunned. When she came back to her senses, she kicked and roared, “Julian you asshole!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Julian licked the corner of his lips and smiled devilishly. “If you still can’t pay the money by next Monday, I might bring down the orphanage.”

He then let go of Sadie, sat back, and lifted the divider. “Khalid, drop her off.”

Sadie had never been humiliated like this. She flung an open palm at Julian. “You scoundrel!”

Julian caught her arm and unhurriedly bowed to kiss the back of her hand. “This pair of hands shouldn’t be used to hit people, especially not me.”

Sadie cowered a little, angrily pulled back her hand, turned around and got off the car.

“Bump!” She flung the door close and stormed towards the school without looking back. She wasn’t paying attention while she was in the car just now, thus she didn’t notice the driver had drove the car back to the same spot.

The black Rolls-Royce started its engine and went off to the street.

Julian opened his tablet and said indifferently, “Send two men to protect her, and arrange to get her a full body check-up.”

“Understood.” Khalid sighed silently. He felt he didn’t know what was in Julian’s mind anymore all of a sudden.

Julian could actually force Lady Sadie to stay by threatening her with the orphanage, but he didn’t. Instead, he agreed to let her go if she paid the money by Monday.

What was wrong with him? But it was indeed rare to see him smiled today. Ever since the cruise accident, he had always been expressionless for the past six years.

He got Sadie out of the Chambers family and doted on her for seven years, planning to marry her abroad as soon as she got older. Who would’ve expected the Chambers family to suddenly snatch her back and the accident happened soon after.

“Look into the guy from the Newman family. I want to know the reason he picked Sadie,” Julian said with a cold tone.

he wanted him to look into the cruise accident too when he saw the smiley expression

would avoid ruining Julian’s mood since he seemed to be

a thorn is his side. No one should bring that up before they got Lady Sadie

for the second class of the day. There wasn’t much attendance

the class, she couldn’t pay attention to the class at all. Her mind was loaded with thoughts about why

the time to notice. She licked the corner of her lips subconsciously, her brows furrowed

kissed her. At least

a stranger to her

When she got back, Daisy dragged her to the corridor


trolled with the students who

a smile and dragged Daisy

visit Dean Esme at the hospital in the

about the operation and told Sadie there was a businessman who paid for the bills, his only term is for Sadie to work in his firm after

Julian in class or when she

did see DHG Group appeared in the news from

company which emerged out of nowhere now seemed to be all over the finance sector

to never appear in the school again. Why

headachy when she thought about the debt next Monday which she still wasn’t able to pay yet. She couldn’t use the 500 million. And even if she asked Otto

large sum of money in hand. She couldn’t

herself, she got into sports attire, grabbed her phone, and went downstairs for her morning jog. The weather was chill since it was already in the spring. She couldn’t help but shiver in cold when she

lap, her body got warmer. Then she got

his work and thought of her habit of having

have a good rest. Don’t stay up too late.” Sadie curled

miss you,”

was soft and tender. Sadie blushed upon the thought of the look on his face when he gave her the

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