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Chapter 7 Are You Sure?

After turning back slowly, Sadie stared at Julian furiously while her face was red with anger. Her hands which were resting on her lap slowly clenched into fists, even the veins on the back of her hands were visible.

He was looking at her taking notes and not listening to Professor Turner’s lecture just now!

At that moment, the humiliation she felt for this late realization was the same as if she had been stripped naked and thrown into the crowd to be laughed at.

“Which student's viewpoint is it?” Although Professor Turner was smiling, his expression did not look too well.

The person who made him feel uncomfortable was considered one of his colleagues, he was also a newcomer to the business world who had been in the spotlight recently.

Even if this viewpoint was not originally thought by him, raising this question made him lose face in front of a group of students.

“I don't think there's any problem with her viewpoint.” Julian put away the tablet and did not answer Professor Turner's question directly but instead he gave an explanation. “A top-quality product with good marketing is just the icing on the cake. However, no one can guarantee that the quality of the products they promote are all in tip-top shape.”

The classroom, which can accommodate three hundred students, suddenly became quiet, and almost all eyes were focused on Julian.

He seemed oblivious to this, still slowly saying with the deep and nice voice, “Among all of you, in the future, some of you may start your own business or become the chief planner of a top advertising company, and it is inevitable that you will encounter this kind of situation. Whether you should adhere to your own duties or make money is the question.”

“Then what is your opinion Mr. Julian, is it important to be kind, or is it important to make money? If we don’t accept in marketing this product, someone else will.” Someone said in a soft voice.

Julian looked at the side and stared at the boy without any expression, then his gaze fell back to Sadie’s face. “The DHG Group’s advertising company never takes advertising plans with questionable quality, especially if the products are pharmaceuticals.”

Once the words were said, the classroom suddenly was filled with the sound of students applauding.

Sadie avoided his gaze by covering her face, and could not help but secretly curse in her heart. The DHG Group did not depend on advertising to develop their company, so of course he had the courage to said so.

She did not listen to a single word in the latter discussion, and her mind was filled with thoughts of how to avoid meeting him at school.

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