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Chapter 6 Was She Afraid Of Him?

Sadie felt a little humiliated but she didn’t take her taunt to her heart.

It wasn’t her first time hearing such words and by now she was numb to the slander. Keeping up with her classmate, she inquired again without giving up. She was amused when she heard that the there was some new visiting professor that made all the girls lose their minds.

She thought that maybe the President himself was there and caused all the beautiful girls to go out running together.

Since she had begun to attend school here, she had come here for a morning run everyday and not once had she seen those girls before. After thinking about it for a bit, she was sure that the professor must be really handsome for this to happen. After all, this whole world only lived for beauty.

Putting on her headphones again, she slowed down a bit and continued jogging as usual.

It was the mid of September, the weather was still clear and dry. At only around seven in the morning the heat rose.

Sadie ran two laps, gradually soaking her back and chest in sweat.

As she ran her last lap, the atmosphere around her felt obviously wrong, she stopped and looked at the man running next to her in shock.

Julian! How was he there? Right next to her!

He didn’t seem to have seen her as he continued to jog, followed by a gaggle of beautiful girls in sexy looking sportwear, showing off their legs.

Sadie, patted her chest to relax herself, walked out of the ground and stopped to stretch under a tree.

“Did you see him? Julian Mccarthy. They just hired him as a visiting professor at the Department of International Economics and Trade.” The guy beside her said in a sour tone, “I heard that he contacted the school himself and also donated a library.”

“It’s a rich man’s world!”

“DHG group’s assets can no longer be measured in simple numbers, because it includes Julian Mccarthy! He is not just a worthless third-generation rich guy. He studied at the Wharton School of Business and is now a member of the top club, only extremely rich people can be in that club. He’s in the top one percent of the world. It’s no use envying him.”

His rant about Julian gradually faded and Sadie unconsciously turned her head towards the ground, looking at the tall, straight figure running at a constant speed.

He attended the Wharton School of Business?

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