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Chapter 3 She Really Didn't Remember

"They grew up together and are good friends," Sadie replied coldly, turning her back on Libby.

Otto wouldn't lie to her. If he really loved the daughter of the Brooks family, he wouldn't be with her; after all, she could only give him nothing, and even had an ugly face.

"You really love him." Libby let out a snort of contempt and pushed back the sheet to get out of the bed.

When Sadie heard the movement behind her, she turned to face Libby, looking at her in confusion. "Are you not feeling well? Or are you hungry?"

She was wearing an extremely sexy black silk nightgown with no underwear. Even Sadie couldn't help swallowing her saliva at the sight of her being so sexy and voluptuous. Men should be going crazy if they saw her.

"The room's too stuffy. I'm going downstairs to get some fresh air. You go to bed early and don't wait for me." Libby waved her phone, opened the door and walked straight out.

Sadie blinked, unconsciously pursed her lips and promptly swallowed back the words that flooded on the tips of her lips. Was it necessary to wear such a sexy dress if she was just going downstairs to get some fresh air?

Besides, did Libby pay too much attention to Otto? She had mentioned him several times throughout the night? Did Libby really think that she couldn’t feel anything?

As the footsteps outside the door faded away, Sadie picked up her phone to check the time and shrugged her shoulders, then she turned off the light and went to sleep. Although Dean Esme's medical expenses had been settled, she was still concerned that the man wouldn't give her such a large sum of money for no reason.

Letting out a sigh, she closed her eyes and gradually drifted off to sleep.

On the ground floor of the orphanage's staff quarters.

Libby walked down the quiet path to the back door furtively, where she then took out the key, opened the door and went out.

The night was dark, and there was a Bentley parked on the street. Under the warm yellow light, its distinguished and elegant body was reflecting the moonlight luxuriously.

A silhouette was vaguely reflected on the car window, with some red light kept flickering.

she ran across

The man laughed and lifted her onto his lap, sniffing

that much?" Libby pouted with discontent. "Don't think about her while

about? You're the only one in my heart." Otto narrowed his eyes, smiled and then kissed

room, and since there was no air conditioner in the room, Sadie woke up so

was Sunday and she had nothing to do during the day. She could have slept

still sleeping, so she

in the cafeteria were planning to resign due to the illness of Dean

them, so she did what

moment she turned to go back to the staff quarters, she accidentally saw Raya Duncan coming through the front door with a few people, and

seemed to be covered in a layer of frost, and she could feel his

was wearing a vintage crewneck white shirt that was meticulously buttoned. Underneath, he wore a

shifted upward and landed on his finely chiseled features. Her mind was in a

he trying to get her to pay back the money? While she was still wondering, she

She pursed her lips and walked as calmly as she could

about the acquisition of the orphanage." Raya's voice was hoarse, and it was obvious that she had suffered a


to acquire the orphanage! There really was no such thing as a free lunch. This man's generosity in giving her money

led the group to the reception room with a depressed look on her face. The situation of the orphanage was worse than what Sadie had expected. Currently, it

Esme was sick and they couldn't raise the money for her medical costs, they decided to sell the orphanage as a last resort. Sadie's mind was in a mess, and she followed behind Raya with anger and hatred. If she had known that this man had given her a

really dilapidated. Sadie served them tea with

before yesterday and today he was here in person to negotiate an acquisition - what a coincidence! Why else would he show up downstairs at the inpatient department in the middle of night and his sidekick

was so disgusting that realtors these days resorted to all means in order to achieve their goals, and she even thought she had

and is still in a coma. Mr. Mccarthy, can we talk about the acquisition in a few days?" Raya tried to touch Julian with compassion, and her eyes turned red when she spoke. "The children in the orphanage are not

as if he hadn't heard her words. Instead, his eyes were fixed on Sadie with

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