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Chapter 2 Something as A Free Lunch

Julian Mccarthy seemed to be a man arrogant and coldly serious to everyone. Standing beside him, one should avoid the annoying hot weather to feel cooler.

Under the street light, Sadie looked down at the cheque to know how much money she would get. The amount greatly surprised her so that her hands started to shake. At the time, Julian got in the car with his bodyguard to leave. Only the astonished Sadie was still here silently.

A moment later, the five cars parking in front of the building also left in turn.

Sadie slapped her face slightly to make her mind back to the real world. And then she started to rub her own chin that was pinched hard by him.

This was not a dream; it was real for all the happening here…In fact, she tried to ask for only one million dollars, but Julian gave her a cheque of fifty million dollars!

In addition, it was totally incredible that he did not request her to do anything!

Sadie slapped again. She saw the corner of the street too quiet now, without any of his cars returning.

She had a concern about their coming back, so stayed here to wait for him. Until she thought nobody would be back and Dean Esme could be saved with the fund, she was happy to rush back to the lobby of hospital with hem of the wedding dress in her arms.

Early in the next morning, Sadie was waiting outside a bank. When the bank opened, she went to clear the cheque immediately. It also confused her that the staff in bank was extremely nice to her, never doubtful about the cheque real or fake.

After walking out of the bank, she was still some of unsure about what happened in the bank. Now she got the cash of amazing fifty million in hands. It was too heavy. Julian was such a generous man to give her a big amount of money!

Sadie shook her head; she could not wait until finishing the breakfast and rushed back to the hospital to pay the bill.

Then Dean Esme got an operation by doctors. Luckily, it was a well-done operation. However, the cancer cells had spread in her body so that she would have another one later, and meanwhile, receive chemotherapy between operations.

Sadie waited outside of the ICU room for some time. She left tiredly till the doctors asked nobody to stay or take care of Dean Esme. The bill for operation had been paid off, which allowed her to feel much relieved.

her wedding dress was badly dirty and her makeup was smudged as well. Yet she did not worry at all

was sick, Sadie had not been relaxed. On the weekdays, she attended the classes in daytime and in the evening, joined many fashion shows with Talia Burns, the owner of the wedding dress shop as

but Sadie did not earn much from it because Talia, as an agent, shared more of the total pay than her. Besides, she had

shows of one night, how much Sadie earned usually could not cover one-day bill

her so much money for no reason. Sadie felt confused about why he did it, but could not tell why she questioned about his intention. Anyway, if she met him

wedding dress shop. All the staff were having

Everything was finished; she did not expect Talia to

a job. The price is very good, sixty thousand dollars per day. Since your mommy got sickness, I have not given

Who can pay me sixty thousand

activity. Nothing else to do. Just collect the payment after it finishes. Somebody will pick you

give Talia a hug, “I would appreciate your help if I made

patted on her shoulder and took her to

think more. After back to the orphanage, she said goodbye to Talia and went upstairs to hold the elder sister, Libby Webb in her arms and go

realized that she might only play a dead woman or zombie for

Talia told truth. However, Talia promised not to share the pay with her no matter what the

Sadie away to ask, “Why are you so happy today? Otto Newman gave you money or you got something as a free lunch?” She went to sit down on the wooden sofa in the living room and continued to say, “I have a lot of tutor jobs this month.

smile and felt disturbed as soon as hearing the name of Otto Newman. She

impossible for her to receive his

Sadie looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom and had a deep breath. She was eager to know

the money from him. She was afraid that he asked her to return unexpectedly. But he did not appear to request something after one night; it seemed that he just gave a beggar

to give fifty thousand dollars to a

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