Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter 194: Chpater194 Estrangement

Luke squeezed the white pill bottle in his hand, pinching the word "contraception" fiercely in his palm. His face was extremely grim.

Lina and Chen fumbled to pick up the things on the floor and put them back in bag.

“Sir, all things are packed. Let’s go now. it’s very late.” Chen asked discreetly as he sized up Luke’s face.

“No, put all back.”

The room was turned into a big icehouse by this command, as if water was frozen, a water droplet crossed from the ice, and finally frozen when it was to slide down.

Chen and Lina looked at each other, thrusting to each other for a while and finally Chen asked, “Well, sir, what…do you need us to…”

“Get out!” Luke’s voice was not very loud, but it still made the two standing people froze for several seconds like their whole body was numb. Their limbs were unable to coordinated while walking out, and Lina even walked with the same hand and foot for a while unconsciously. Luke’s expression was strikingly frightening.

They hardly went out of the apartment. Lina breathed a sigh of relief and raised eyes to upstairs window, “What’s wrong with Luke? Wasn’t it fine at first?”

“Probably because Jenny refused to come back, so he was in a bad mood.”

“Nope, Jenny refused to come back, that’s why I came here to pack up. It was all right just now, why…”

“According to me, just because you scattered Jenny’s items on the ground and Luke got unhappy.”

Chen glared at Lina, “You always like a bull in a China shop, how can you remedy it if Diana knows?”

“Or why don’t we go to invite Jenny back…” Lina looked at the apartment with a lingering fear, still felt uneasy about it.

think Luke’s anger most likely related to Jenny,

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air blew into the room, making him freeze to

Luke seemed to have vanished, there were neither calls nor messages. She didn’t see him even she deliberately went to the

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frequenting cocktail parties with Sky Song-the artist of Brilliant

singer Sky Song privately dated with the CEO of Luke Up Group Luke Lu in western restaurant. If there will be cooperation between Luke Up Group and Brilliant Entertainment?” “The wedding date is approaching, the

the news for her entertainer status. She didn’t know those things until Victoria slammed a stack of newspapers and magazines


in the latest

half-peeled apple in her hand, followed the sound to look at the cover of the latest issue of Fashion Bride on

dress sitting across his lap, a delicate figure, revealing

the man's chest, and the man’s other hand was around her waist, holding a stack of financial newspapers. In Victoria’s words, he was a beast in

from the magazine cover, she felt

The recent news really made her

interviews, didn’t like to be in these magazines, didn’t like to be talked about, and even didn’t like news about him, the media had always used pseudonyms or allusions instead of

looked at Jenny’s vacant face, thinking

off the engagement if he doesn’t like you. He can do everything and

Jenny, “It's a provoking method that deliberately showed

had invited Jenny to come back a few days ago. Wasn’t it a paradox if he

puzzled, the frustrated look on her face gradually faded, and asked

was it too obvious of Luke’s activities in recent days? Was the media too diligent in issuing press? That’s the son of Lu family! Are they crazy? They even didn’t cover with mosaics, and directly used

Luke who hinted that they

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