Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter197 A Broken Heart

Luke Lu's Moonlight Heart Apartment was located in the downtown where the house price was the highest. He tended to live on the 20th floor. There were actually no other residents in the building, for the whole construction belonged to him.

On the huge glass window the rain patted down.

The rain in spring looked cold.

When Jenny Jin woke up, she found herself lying on a bed. Tilting her head,she saw a bay window. She still felt groggy and her body seemed to weigh one thousand ponds. No one else was in the house,so it was very quiet.

The dark night outside the window was like a pool of stagnant water, but the bustling night life of Xicheng was just about to start. The traffic under the neon lights was only the tip of an iceberg. In the corner of the city,there were people who indulged themselves in an extravagant lifestyle. Along with those wilted roses, they degenerated by the sewers, emitting unpleasant smells.

All felt like a nightmare.

And she might have let it go as a dream,if not for a strange pain coming from her body caused by a slight movement.

When Luke came back with the ointment to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, he saw Jenny sitting on the bay window.She wore a black vest and white silk trousers.She was looking out of the window with arms crossing on her legs . Her long hair fell over her shoulders and her faintly visible butterfly bone. Water dripped from the tips of her hair and fell on the cashmere blanket.

She was like a delicate but dumb doll.You could see no emotion in her eyes.She looked down through the window as if a queen inspecting her people. Luke went forward and sat in front of her.After taking out all sorts of medicines from a bag,he unscrewed one of them and tried to hold her arm.

"Don't touch me."

She did not turn her head when saying that.Instead,she faced the glass window, staring at the swirling raindrops outside. Her voice was very low. You could feel few power in such a faint, dumb tone, but her stiff back announced her determination.

Luke's fingertips almost reached her wrists, and he could feel the subtle flutter of the hairs on her arms.

"Do I just repulse you?"

Jenny huddled herself into a ball ,not even taking a glance at him.

the bedroom. After a huge sound of door being slammed, the big house was quiet

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avoid Victoria,who was a short-tempered woman.She would grill her if she

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can you guarantee that you will divorce me after grandma's operation?"She stared

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Jenny wanted to leave him, but didn’t expect her being so determined. There was not even a hint of hesitation in her

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you ever heard of that birds of different feathers do not flock together?" Gritting his teeth,she asked in a muffled voice, "Since you just want a uterus to carry your baby, any woman have one.

pain in her voice ,Luke slowly let go of

"OK, I'll sign it."

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