Just after listening to Victoria's nonsense, her mind was messed up. She didn't know if she Luke Lu?

She looked down at the phone screen, thought for a while, and finally dialed a familiar number.

The music in the earpiece rang for a long time, and finally the familiar voice sounded.

“Hello, who is that?”

The cold voice was slightly alienated.

Jenny Jin was taken aback for a moment. Was he just asking who I was?

“It’s me..”

She hesitated for a moment and said these words slowly.

On the other end of the phone, he was silent for a few seconds, "What's the matter?"

A hint of unexpected flashed in her eyes, and then her eyes dimmed, "Nothing. Just I'll go home and get some things back. Are you in the apartment now?"

"No, I will go back later."

"Okay, then I take the things and leave first."

Jenny Jin felt a little disappointed. The so-called taking things was just an excuse, as if saying that would make it less embarrassing. Self-deception is always counterproductive.

"Get things from my place, you have to let me take a look. You have to wait for me in the apartment."

She had also heard something even worse, but now, her heart felt like a chill spread all over her body, and she shivered from the cold.

The phone hung up, a busy tone rang, and then fell silent.

Although Luke Lu had an indifferent character in daily life, his indifferent attitude just now was very different from usual.

The person on the other side of the call was in the office of the president of Luke Up Group.

After the call, Lilian put down the documents, "Mr. Luke Lu, there are no other arrangements this afternoon. Do you need me to inform Chen to prepare a car and take you back to your apartment?"

Luke Lu glanced at her expressionlessly, "No, I have something else to do. Bring the Everbright acquisition case to my office."

was slightly shocked, "Everbright's acquisition case has just been discussed in the morning, and you have asked the marketing department to make amendments. Only four hours have passed, and there should

I am waiting for their latest acquisition

and dared not say

Jin entered the gate code according

"Wrong password, please re-enter."

She shocked, and re-entered.

"Wrong password, please re-enter."

passwords, the password lock clicked, the anti-theft device was activated, and another lock

the upper limit. Please try again in

Luke Lu changed the password


for a

you changed the

"Well, I changed it."

will you

have something to

nothing to

Luke Lu slowly entered the apartment complex in

no one at the door of the

the car and looked around,

"Where are you?"

you haven't been back for a

phone was hung up before the

Jin was dragged back to the apartment by

gloomy, and his eyes were like ice,

me... hey, let me go." Jenny Jin struggled

opened, she was thrown to

Lu, what's

did you go somewhere else?" The door behind Luke Lu closed, leaving only his condescending

frowned, "You changed your password. I can't just sit at the door and wait. Who knows when you will be

at night and there were no lights in the apartment. Because of the bright moon outside, the room was a little scattered light. She didn't notice how terrible Luke Lu's expression was, and she didn't realize how tense the atmosphere was at the moment,


his teeth and

sounded totally unreasonable to Jenny

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