Jenny was frozen, put down her chopsticks and went to open the door.

She looked though the peephole, and there was a familiar figure at the door, with a countenance that chillier than the moonlight.

She faintly hesitated, and the hand that had been reaching for the door handle withdrew again.

“Who’s it?” Victoria’s voice came from the dining table.

Jenny put her index finger to lips to make a silent gesture.

“What? Salesperson?” Victoria asked with bewilderment.

As she speaking, Jenny’s phone on the table rang loudly. Victoria glanced at it and it was a call from Luke. She was so outraged that her first reply to the phone was, "You still have the fucking face to call? Shameless scum.”

Jenny was shocked out of her mind, and hurriedly opened the door in fear that Victoria would say further exaggerated words.

At the door, Luke held his phone, and after seeing her open the door, he raised his eyes to look at Victoria, who was still raging over her phone at the dining table, then casually hung up the phone.

“I wonder why did you say I’m shameless.” Luke said.

Jenny lowered her head and gave a path to him with embarrassing expression, “Come in first.”

She didn’t want to be laughed at by the neighbors in the floor.

As soon as Luke entered the room, he heard Victoria’s gritted teeth voice, “There is an inexplicable odor of scum! Couldn't be from the rice?”

“Or you could come to your room and lie down."

Jenny sensed the anomalous atmosphere and gave Victoria a meaningful glance.

Victoria glared at her and said, “I think you should back to your room and lie down, look at your wimpy way. Can’t it be talked about that he is do shameless? Is there a law?”

Jenny looked at Victoria’s righteous and indignant look, suddenly recalled that when she first knew Luke, he once said, “In the City X, the words of Lu family are the laws.”

He was always relentless to women. She was afraid of if Victoria said two more words, he would turn against Victoria.


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