Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter192 A Great Helper


"Yes, as long as you help him, George can chase her successfully, and at that time will he still let her live here?"

Jenny patted Allen's shoulder, "Go sit with the guest in the living room, I'll handle it here."

After sending Allen away, Jenny turned down the fire on the stove and glanced towards the living room from time to time.

The phone next to the counter suddenly rang.

It was Luke calling.

She froze and hesitated for a few seconds and then pressed the answer button.


"Not home?"

As if he was at home.

Jenny bit her lip, "How do you know I'm not at home?"

"The phone call to home didn't go through."

So that was it.

"I'm at Victoria’s home, she's not feeling well, I'm not going back for the next two days, I need to take care of her."

Perhaps because Luke was wrong first, this time Jenny lied without feeling guilty, very calm and poised.

The other side of the phone seemed to want to say something else, Jenny suddenly felt nervous, "I have to do something else, I’ll hang up first."

After saying this, not waiting for the other side to react, she hurriedly hung up the phone.

the phone, she felt a little confused and her calm mood seemed to be stirred up again at this moment, she raised her hand and patted her head, turned around and poured the brown sugar and ginger tea in the

sugar ginger tea to the living room, the two gentlemen were still in a frozen standoff, and

out, let me die in the

and drink the brown sugar ginger

a long time, Victoria was willing to come out, lying on the sofa and

Jenny put down

verge of tears, "I feel like there is a meat grinder in my

George sat aside and

how do you feel?" Victoria's miserable white face faced George and gave him a fierce glare at the certain

stomach." Allen came out from the bathroom

hey, where

water bag..." Allen looked at

better, George can

couldn't intervene, so she inquired, "Are you just going to lie down on the sofa, or are

here," Victoria said

moment Jenny felt a little cold after taking off her coat, not to mention a woman with menstrual cramps, even though it

are, carry her to the bedroom, it's too

I I I..." George was the first to step

a look at him, "The problem is, can you hug her due to

George didn’t like to go to the gym, although there was no belly, there

was 1.7 meters in height. Although she was in small size, she weighed a lot. She just looked thin, but was actually 60 kilos

and moved his muscles and bones, he put his hands through the blanket to lift Victoria up

he but also Victoria called

painful to be lifted up in mid-air and then fell down, if not for Allen on the side

want to murder

pale and she was grunting on the

was Allen who carried her to

afraid of a god-like opponent, but afraid of a

soon as he went out, he saw George standing in the doorway hovering, he suddenly felt embarrassed, "Don't get

stared at him for a long time and said in a deep voice, "Which

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