Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter167 Visiting the Workplace


"Director, I quit! I just can't do this anymore. How can I act with the grass still wet and with worms squirming around my feet?"

A drama queen would always be a drama queen. They almost finished filming, and the actresses who played the show were nearly all gone. Jenny was chatting with Director Wang. Milena had failed several times in her last scene where she was supposed to act angrily and hysterically.

Director Wang and the screenwriter tried to explain what the plot meant, while Milena still looked confused. She glared at Jenny and proposed, "Director Wang, do you think I need some help? How about letting somebody else do it for me first, so that I can learn from her?"

As soon as Jenny heard that, she knew the woman was stirring up troubles again.

Director Wang glanced at Jenny. She looked as if she didn't care at all. She said, "It's fine. I don't have any plans tonight. I'll do the scene and please give me your advice, too."

It was a scene in a rainy day. Her makeup would be inevitably be ruined by the rain. The actresses were supposed to climb out of the lake, covered in mud and thinking about the betray from both her lover and her family. She felt twisted because she couldn't get the love she wanted, and at the same time she felt depressed. The actress had to find the balance between those feelings.

Jenny was standing in a tent. The dresser rubbed mud on her clothes. She frowned and said, "Thank you, but I'll do it myself.”

She carried the bucket and walked to the lake. Then she filled a half bucket of water and threw in lots of mud. She poured the muddy water on her shoulder and wiped it on her own face.

Everyone was shocked, including Milena.

Director Wang was the only one watching her appreciatively. He clapped the slate and announced, "Action!"

A messy girl was sitting by the lake, wailing in the rain. Her tears were mixed up with the rain. There was mud on her beautiful faces, which made her face blurred. Her pink eyes made everybody's heart broken. They had as much sympathy for her as hatred. Jenny was acting so vividly.

In the last close-up shot, Jenny's eyes were brimmed with tears. The vividness in her eyes was fading away, taken over by strangeness. She cried and laughed, staggering out of everybody's sight in the rain.


Nobody realized the scene had ended until Director Wang yelled out “cut”, because they were all stunned by her impressive performance.

That was real acting!

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