Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter116 I Do Not Care About Who He Is

“Does Victoria know that you come back? She said you were coming back when she was on video with me half a month ago, and I thought she was joking.”

Then Jenny feels unhappy, “Why didn't you tell me before you came back?”

“I am afraid she learned it from her brother. I did not tell her that.”

“If she knows you are eating with me, she will come and blackmail you right now.”

Jenny looks down with a smile, brushes her hair around her ears, and her elegant swan neck glistens with silver necklaces.

Adan’s eyes reflects her face alone, as if they can hold nothing else.

It is dark outside, and they are like old friends whom they has not seen for a long time. They talk about life and troubles and the ups and downs of the past as if they can talk about anything.

Adan does not want to break Jenny’s unguarded mentality towards him, so he chooses to keep silent for a while and hide his heart.

“Where are you living now? I’ll take you back.”

The waiter drives the car to the door of the restaurant. They walk out of the restaurant together. Adan opens the door of the car and makes a gesture of greeting to Jenny.

At first, Jenny hesitates. She thinks that it will be strange if she says no. So she decides to go back to her apartment tonight. And she gets into the car.

“I live with Victoria in a single apartment, which is not too far from here.”

Adan is a very funny man. He talks about many interesting things in the car. Jenny does not laugh so much for a long time.

On the way, Luke calls Jenny.

“Where are you?”

Luke is speaking coldly as before and Jenny does not find nothing different. She looks around at Adan. Then she lowers her voice and says, “I’m with my friends. I’m going back to my apartment.”

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