Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter 200 A Queen of Fake Faces

“If the hypocrisy in the world all have a mask, then Sky Song is definitely one of them. She can be called the Queen of Fake Faces.”

Cathy pulled her trousers down and sat on the sofa, with her legs crossed. She was watching at the door angrily, as if the woman whom she called the Queen of Fake Faces was still outside the door.

Jenny sat opposite to her, kind of confused, “Is your scar on your leg caused by her?”

“Nobody will believe me. When I was a kid, I liked to go to the places where there was fire. People cooked on the stoves, which was the place that I liked to stand near.”

At that time, Cathy was a guest when she came back from abroad, while Sky Song and others were hosts, who were very familiar with these places. Therefore, everyone took care of Cathy -- the youngest sister among them.

Especially Luke. Cathy was his cousin, whom he paid much more attention and took extra care of. Thus, Sky Song, originally the center of them, was ignored by them.

“I remember that was on a Winter Solstice, when several family gathered together in Luke’s home to make dumplings. Luke’s father had not come home, and aunts were all in the kitchen making dumplings. We were in the hall playing, while my brothers and sisters were in the study room on the second floor. I was thirsty and wanted some water to drink, so I pulled her sleeves.”


“She told me that the kettle was on the stove, and I needed to get the water myself. Otherwise, I would not have the right to eat dumplings.”

Cathy at that moment was so obsessed with dumplings that she believed it. Then she ran towards the stove on which there was boiling water. She was to touch the handle of the kettle.

The water in the kettle was boiling, so the kettle was hot enough to harm hands. When she touched it, she screamed out, and the next moment, Sky Song rushed towards her.

“I thought she was rushing towards me to help me or ask me what was the matter.”


so selfish that she would not care about others.” Cathy snorted angrily.

Jenny covered her mouth with her hands, feeling it

“She bent over me, so that only my legs were hurt, but her back was hurt more seriously. My parents, aunts, and the servant maids in my home all thought that it was

explain it

head and was playing the tassels on her clothes. “If it was happening right now,

the truth, but the elders in her family thought she was wronging Sky Song. After all, nobody would hurt herself to wrong another person. In addition, Sky Song

in Beijing did not has the warmth brought by the season. It was still freezing, even more freezing than the

liked telling lies to not shoulder her responsibility, which made Sky Song play a

help holding her hands, but she did not know what to say

is fine right now!” Cathy’s eyes flashes some lights. “She always thought that nobody but herself could match Luke. But you are here right now. I want to see how arrogant she can be. Well, my aunt has not come

“Your aunt?”

She is busy with some project right now, so she cannot come back. But when you are getting married, she might be able to come back. She will be super duper happy if

a Chinese friend, and she just

Jenny was a new friend to her, she thought she was not qualified to interfere too much with her personal life. Jenny just

7:30 p.m. Luke

there with them to

the door with Cathy and saw Sky Song there opposite them, she felt a little shocked,

“Yeah.” Luke answered lightly.

shout, “She was not one of us. With what identity will she go there? It is not

parents were alive, we were very close friends. Now Sky Song is along in Beijing, we should take

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