Exclusive Memory

Chapter 23 Truth

The summer breeze swept over the river behind Banquet Night Building, gently circling around the square. It took away the summer heat.

Just as her father said, life was too short and busy. People usually didn't have much time to do one thing before life ended. She didn't know if there would be a reincarnation in this world. If not, then she would only live once in her life. She wanted to live as she wished, which was not in vain.

The Fang family was so quiet. They were probably asleep.

Ashley went to the kitchen, poured a glass of water and went upstairs. She had pharyngitis. She was used to prepare a glass of water bedside table so that she could drink some water to soothe her throat when she woke up.

When she pushed the door open and entered her bedroom, she felt something was wrong. There was someone in the bedroom!

She was too late to react, "crack!" A slap across the face jolted her to drop the glass and spilt over the water.

"Huh." Her face stinging with pain, Ashley knew who she was without the need to check. Who else would be so crazy except Sheila?

"Bitch! How dare you seduce your brother-in-law!" After saying that, Sheila raised her hand and wanted to beat Ashley again.

By the dim light outside the window, Ashley grabbed Sheila's hand and gave her a slap in return. "That's what I'm saying. Francis used to be your brother-in-law. How is your feeling to seduce your brother-in-law? Is it exciting?"

"Bitch, you are a slut. Francis hates you for long time. Francis and I are true love." When she studied abroad, Ashley had practiced close combat for three years. The slap on was so hard that Sheila couldn't stand up for a while.

"Am I a slut?" Ashley shouted, "Who told you this? Francis? Did he see me sleep with another man on the wedding night? In my opinion, you two have colluded to find excuse. I never had affair with other man. Francis was the only one."

"Do you still disbelieve at this point? Well, in order to let you give up, I have to tell you the truth. " Sheila stood up and said, "Listen, Ashley. The man you slept with on your wedding night was arranged by me."

It was like a thunderbolt to Ashley.

"I have told you before. Neither your mother nor you are match for me." Sheila continued scornfully, "Yes, Francis didn't see the man who slept with you that night, but he saw the hickeys on your body and the virgin blood on the sheet. He was clear about everything."

Ashley stared at Sheila with her crisp red eyes, but the light was so dim that Sheila did not notice the expression in her eyes.

"So, stop pestering Francis anymore. He hates you very much. If you keep pestering him..." Sheila threatened, "It's hard to say whether I will find a group of men to rape you. I don't believe you have the cheek to appear in front of Francis then."

Then Sheila slammed the door and left.