Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 294 Much Worse

"Sara, here, you can take my car. It's not safe to take a cab on your own," Jacob said softly as he handed her the car key.

Noah nodded and added, "Yes, Jacob's right. Feel free to take my car if you'd prefer that. Anyway, go to Bess's house, and let us know if you know what's happening. In the meantime, we'll ask more people if they know where she is."

Taking the car key from Jacob, Sara got in the car quickly, and did not say a word. The two watched as the car disappeared around the corner. Once she was gone, Noah heaved a sigh.

"I'm getting tired of this and Bess is scared of getting married. I wanted to compromise, but then, I was so angry that I don't remember what I said to her during our fight,"

Noah said as he hung his head, feeling regretful. It was dark outside, so Jacob could not clearly make out his expressions. But his tone showed that he was remorseful.

"It's okay. It's only normal to fight with those we love. And besides, every couple hits rough patches in life. There are no couples that have never fought. People are together because they are different. Like never attracts like, it's the opposite characteristics that bring people together. And no two people think alike. That's why we always find ourselves in conflict with people who are unlike us, and only after crossing those conflicts do we get stronger as a couple,"

Jacob comforted him bluntly, because he knew that being honest was probably for the best. And as long as Noah and Bess got through their troubles together, everything would be all right.

"Well, love is really strange. When we were single, we longed for someone to love us, but now we're disappointed because it doesn't feel the same as we had imagined it to be. Humans are always going to be disappointed. I think I finally get it now,"

Noah said with a sigh as he looked up at the vast, dark sky. There were still people walking on the road, and they looked tired.

"Take Sara and me, for example. We have gone through a lot to get to where we are now. You still have a long way to go, so don't feel tired just yet,"

Jacob said in a tone that sounded like an old man's voice. Noah was speechless when he heard that and glanced at him in surprise. Although Jacob was right, Noah firmly believed that his relationship with Bess would never go through as much trouble as Sara and Jacob's, because he was nothing like his friend.

"All right, are you getting information from the calls?" Jacob asked all of a sudden. Noah had called so many people, but he could not tell if it was really of any help.

"Nothing, they all said that they don't know. They even asked me if we had a fight, and seemed surprised that she had left." Noah shrugged helplessly. Alas, he had become a bad guy in their opinion now.

all shocked. To be honest, I was surprised, too! You and Bess are like a role model for all couples. I was

other people thought of as an inspiration. It was a goal that was just too

the title 'role model'," Noah

to Bess' favorite place to look for her? It's more likely that

instructed. He then opened the door, got in the car, and Jacob followed.

not remember how many times he had gone looking for someone on a dark night like that, but he felt as though he had experienced the

Noah's stress and knew that he would blame

but could not find her anywhere. Noah leaned over the steering

the feeling of regret was left in his heart as he understood that it was pointless of

Noah?" He could not help but sigh as they both hated it that they could not find

silence. He was torn up about

about him, but she felt that he was not pleased with her effort even after she had worked hard to gather the money that he needed for his

out a heavy sigh as he asked, "Do you think Bess might be at the bar?" He lifted his head and looked at Noah with a serious expression.

hates going to bars. She would only go there if I wanted to," Noah replied, lifting his

that it was only understandable for Bess to want to have a drink after

in a serious tone. He recalled what happened to Sara the last time she had gone to a bar

Bess had really gone to a bar all on her own, then things could

he did not believe his words. 'Who could tell what might

local bars..." Before Jacob even finished his words, he wondered, 'Where would I even begin to look

more, Noah started the car thinking that Bess' situation could be worse than

since he was unable to find her, a thousand terrible outcomes

finally arrived at Bess' house. She rang the doorbell, and the butler

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