Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 214 Trick

But if Omnipotent wanted to hurt him, it would be a piece of cake anyway. The case of Thompson was an example.

The world was always dangerous. It's not as peaceful as we thought. The two people who were smiling at each other had to restrain their dissatisfaction with each other because of interests, so they looked harmonious on the surface.

Jacob had seen too many of people over the years, no matter they were harmonious or planning plots in secret. There were so many things that he didn't want to mention at all. Therefore, he would always keep a backup plan for himself.

That was human nature. No one would open their heart to another. Even between lovers, they would always hide their bad side, so as not to let each other discover it all.

So it was understandable for Jacob to be like this. But during the conversation with Omnipotent, he thought that Omnipotent was a good person, who knew the human nature well but didn't act in that way. He was a man of true character.

"Hello, another two pounds of beef please. By the way, please add some peanuts." Jacob laughed happily. It had been a long time since he had dinner so happily, as if all his troubles had been swept away.

"I didn't expect you to eat so much? I thought you were used to the delicacies and didn't eat much of these ordinary food." Omnipotent made fun of Jacob, but with a smile of appreciation.

"I'm sorry, but I have a good appetite today. Have you known Uncle James for a long time?" Jacob was confused. He knew that he could ask Omnipotent for help because of James.

"It seems so. We have known each other for many years. I can't remember it clearly. It's a long time ago." Omnipotent squinted slightly as if he was thinking, but in fact, he was waiting for the peanuts.

"Ha-ha, then what did Uncle James look like before?" Jacob wanted to hear more about Uncle James from others. For him, James's life was like a mystery.

Everyone avoided talking about him, but everyone was in awe of him. Everyone could keep it a secret, but everyone knew it. Everyone seemed to keep the secret of James at the same time, and that secret seemed to only belong to that generation.

he wanted to know. Just

'He didn't tell you that I used to work for him, as his brother and

to talk about anything else. I know what happened to his

didn't want Omnipotent to think that he knew nothing about Uncle James, but it didn't make

I can't tell you now." Omnipotent pretended to be mysterious. Since James didn't want

tell me when it's over." Jacob sighed. He was too

the question to Omnipotent. He was more and more interested in the life of

only two words about those things: human nature. Human nature was the foundation, and then a series of problems were originated from it. These problems then had something to do with other things. They went on and on, forming

took a sip of wine. He toasted to the past without looking back no matter how bitter

Chatting with experienced people was like reading

are too many people that I can't let go of,

Jacob gave him a thumbs up. Many people had forgotten their

James is really open-minded. But no one knows how sad he is, and he won't let others know." Omnipotent seemed to sigh with a gentle expression, as

legend." Jacob interrupted Omnipotent's fantasy and pulled him back to reality. People in that era all felt like legends. James was even more

nodded with a smile. If it weren't for James's fear to tell Jacob what had happened to him, he could have

you know what is the most important thing in life?" Jacob raised his head. He didn't

security are the most important things in their lives. I don't think much about it. Maybe I'm one of

it was because he had drunk, his face was

has a different thought. I used to think that the most important thing in life is those things, but now I have a little

squinted his eyes. He didn't want to admit it, but he had to admit his true

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