Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 3 What Were You Hiding From Me

Even though Sara looked calm on the outside, she still couldn't wrap her head around the fact that she and Jacob were now divorced. It was impossible for two people not to develop feelings for each other, especially since they had been together for over four years.

Rubbing her chest, Sara felt the pain getting greater and greater.

Looking over to Jacob, she saw that he had his back to her. 'I bet he must be very happy now that I'm out of his life,' she thought. 'He can finally be with the woman he truly loves.'

Sara thought all this was over. However, she didn't expect that this man not only unwilling to be with her, but also reluctant to let her off.

"Don't announce our divorce yet for the time being." Jacob's sudden voice startled Sara. Coming out of her daze, she looked at him with her eyes wide in shock.

Disbelief was written all over her face. What was she supposed to do now?

Turning around, Jacob looked at her, his eyes looking a bit gloomy. "What's wrong? I have supported your father's company for four years. Is it too hard to make a small request like that from you?"

With a pale face, a weak smile suddenly appeared on Sara's face. Her red lips looked even more gorgeous. "You have nothing to do with me now. Why should I listen to you? Besides, you helping out my father's company was all part of the agreement we made when we got married. I have spent four years on you. Isn't that enough that I wasted my youth on you?"

After saying that, Sara bitterly looked down at the divorce certificate in her hand. What was the point of not letting anyone know that she was no longer married? It was as if he was asking her to be both a chaste widow and his bitch.

Narrowing his eyes, Jacob frowned deeply at the woman in front of him. Although her face was pale, her skin was delicate and smooth. The corners of her eyes, which were slightly raised, looked exceedingly fascinating even without makeup. But, her most enticing feature was the color of her amber eyes. He could distinctly remember the tenderness in those eyes when they first got married.

It went without saying that she had an indescribable charm.

At this moment, Jacob had to admit that she was much more beautiful than Alice. Not only did her appearance have visual impact, but also she exuded an inner charm and temperament. People often found themselves staring at her in awe.