Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 317 Are You Dumb

"Speak up! Are you dumb?! You have shown lots of guts by stealing the document! What happened to you now?" Cindy snorted angrily and collapsed on the sofa, the knife still in her hand.

Once she sat down, she maniacally waved the knife she was holding.

Watching the spectacle, Jacob realized she was much more aggressive than he had anticipated. 'Could this perhaps be the reason why Kim looks so overwhelmed?' he wondered.

Jacob squinted his eyes and gazed at him, attempting to read the thoughts that were going on in his mind.

However, he failed to read any emotions in Kim's eyes. He looked pale, but that was all about it.

James coughed slightly, indicating Jacob to dispel the eerie silence.

"Did you do it?" Jacob cleared his throat and asked.

"Yes, I did it," Kim replied instantly and bowed his head, not wanting to face anyone present there. A guilty person often had nothing to say.

They could tell Kim wouldn't put a fight. He knew it was too late.

"Do you have any idea about the extent of damage your actions will cause Cindy and the company?" Jacob demanded, his voice rising a notch due to anger.

Kim trembled slightly, but he still had nothing to say.

Listening to Jacob's words, Cindy's face was filled with gratitude.

When a woman gave birth to a child, the husband normally asked about the wife's well-being. Once he was assured she was fine, he would ask about the child.

similar happiness when she

accept the punishment I am bound to receive,"

Do you think your apology is of any value? Had I jumped into the river and died, would you still sit here

her hand. Her rage had reached its

it was best for her to vent all her emotions. If she kept them suppressed, her frustration would only increase.

before him. He could see regret and guilt starkly written on

apology wasn't enough. After all, that wouldn't

what I have done. There is no

you? What are you even saying? None of it makes any sense, Kim! I said I wanted to get married! It was a request, not a threat! And you have the audacity to say that I forced you? How the hell is that considered forcing? Did I also force you to steal the document? Why are you shoving all the blame on me! It's not like you had no choice. This is all your fault. And now, you aren't even

to lose it. Kim's

you stop behaving like this, we can move on. You tire me with your daily reprimands. Do you have any idea how much I suffer? Every day, I get scared, thinking you are going to call me useless. I don't think I can take it

admitted, his red eyes gazing at Cindy.

never force you into doing anything! I'm here to

spoke, her tone was flat.

have exhausted all her energy. Face bereft of any enthusiasm, she was a sad sight. One could easily tell Kim's

many disappointments, they could no longer entertain

and regarded Kim.

Jacob was the one who spoke

too had had doubts about this and was eager to

voice, his gentle and elegant side quickly fading away. He knew he had to look ruthless if he wanted to be taken seriously.

was a bit startled at his tone. He had no idea Jacob was capable of sounding so cruel.

did it all by myself," he stammered, his face getting paler by

man. Blood was completely drained

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