Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 313 I'm Really Fine, Sir

However, it didn't matter. It was better than making mistakes over and over again.

Jacob exhaled a smoke ring, which swirled around him. Indeed, smoking helped him calm down and think better.

The hospital was terribly quiet. Only the howling of the wind outside disturbed the peace and silence of the night. Shivering, Jacob surveyed the pale and old walls of the building with a sigh.

Something seemed to be just beginning, but in fact, it was all over. Jacob didn't know this before, but now, he could finally grasp the essence of the matter.

And as a moment of epiphany hit him, he realized that his life was very much like the waters in the lake––calmer and more serene the longer he lived. Although several small waves would surface from time to time, it didn't affect him.

After puffing the last hit of smoke, Jacob rose from his seat and patted his clothes, shaking off the ashes that might have clung onto him.

Then he looked around to make sure there was no one else. He stretched his gaze until at the endless void of the silent hall before turning back to the ward.

He sat on a chair for the whole night and watched after Cindy. Jacob should have warned her from the beginning, but because he knew how stubborn Cindy was, she wouldn't listen to him.

So, he chose not to tell her the truth.

However, he knew it would come to light sooner or later. He could only hope that everyone who deserved to be punished would be sentenced. After all, there were a lot of people involved.

It was not that Jacob wanted to let the matter slide, but that he was afraid that Cindy would get hurt in the process. When he saw her jump into the river, a lot of thoughts surged into his head all at once.

Even a kite with a broken string floated into his mind, certainly a metaphorical symbol of what Cindy's fate could have been. At that time, all he wanted to do was to stop her. But he knew it was an opportunity to mold her into a stronger and more confident woman.

That was why Jacob had the heart to let her jump into the surging water. But, it was all yesterday now. Tomorrow would be a new day, a better one to look forward to. And hopefully, Cindy would wake up feeling prouder and more confident of herself.

this. Comforted by a thick down jacket, he didn't mind the cold. The next morning, Cindy opened her eyes and saw Jacob crouched

her quilt and tried to cover him with it when he suddenly winced and woke

Jacob rubbed his eyes and looked at Cindy.

all night. I'll be nothing but guilty if that happens," Cindy said in a self-condemned voice, but there was a ghost of a smile in

have such an amazing boss. No ordinary employer would do what he did for her. So, at

check her temperature, he chose to

hospital and go back to the company with you. The company's affairs are most important right now. You can't just set

she stood up and

the day off and have a rest. There's no need to worry about the company's affairs." Jacob narrowed his eyes slightly, carefully watching her

explained hurriedly and even

accordingly and stood up. "Let's go. The company is still

Then, he glanced at his wristwatch. It was still early, but today would be the beginning of the real

of anyone who tried

course, he knew that the other party would not let him go too, so the best tactic, for now, was to stay vigilant

to lose anyone of his men. They were his warriors in this battle. Although Cindy made a grave mistake that could've cost him his company, it

he feared most was losing everyone important and valuable to him as it would render him alone. Therefore, Jacob recognized the need

a big asset as his assistant, he naturally didn't want to lose her, especially

commit mistakes. No one was perfect. But more than

cared about

also had to look after herself.

a stronger woman, then Jacob couldn't be any happier and prouder

car as soon as he got out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Cindy sat on the passenger seat, focusing her gaze on the scenery outside.

flocked the streets, but there were no traffic

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