Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 312 Secret Admirer

"No. Mr. Jacob, I can leave the hospital now. Look at me. I'm fine. I don't want Kim to live happily and at ease. I want him to suffer like I did and make him pay the price." Cindy was so furious that she looked like she wanted to kill Kim with her bare hands.

"The most important thing right now is your health. Don't think too much, okay? If we look for Kim right now, it will take some time. It's now getting late. Let's look for him some other time. There's no need for us to hurry. Right now, it's better for us to take a rest. We can plan for that tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."

Jacob reached out to the breakfast table. Afterwards, he cleaned the used dishes and threw the scraps into the trash can outside. Meanwhile, Cindy's gaze was fixated on him.

Everyone would probably admire their bosses, especially when they were handsome, like Jacob. Plus, he was also excellent and considerate.

Sadly, he was like a star in the distant sky. Cindy could only gaze at him from a distance. No matter how hard she tried to stretch out her hand, he would always be beyond her reach. That was what most people in the company thought as well. As a result, she regarded him with reverence until now.

Perhaps everyone has their own secret admirers. Cindy was not an exception. For a long time, she had been admiring Jacob in secret. And she knew that it was just admiration, not love.

Everyone has a gauge in their hearts. Perhaps it is not obvious at times, but there is always one.

Cindy was thinking about those things when she unknowingly drifted to sleep. It was quite unusual since she was usually an insomniac.

She recalled the times whenever she would go out with her friends to drink. She would always cry when she got drunk and complain that she no longer wanted to pay the price for loving. After a long time, nobody knew if she had already stopped paying.

One thing that was clear: her bravery had lessened after pouring her love for the first time. Time would come, and it would run out in the end. For people like Cindy, it would be a disaster.

People have never been perfect. That is precisely the reason why imperfect people pursue perfection.

Cindy had always been too harsh on herself. She had always wanted a perfect life, even though it was not her own. At the same time, she also wanted to find the perfect person for herself. Honestly, she was very conflicted.

be found no matter how hard you look. At the thought of this, she was in despair. She felt that there was no hope for her anymore.

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into love. If that happens, they will not get married. If they do not, they will not have a home.

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to call James. Although he could not go back, he had to know the latest developments.

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