Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 311 I Will Call You

"I know, Mr. Jacob. I will start over." Cindy continued eating her meal. For a moment, she was in a daze.

After going through such a harrowing experience, many people would think that the world is collapsing upon them.

However, Jacob was different. He had gone through so much, and he knew that the only way to survive in life was to power through whatever obstacle life threw at him. That's why he took all his wins and losses in stride.

He knew he couldn't control what would happen to him, but he could control how he would react. That's why he made sure he was mentally strong. By doing so, he was living a more vibrant life than he ever had.

That's why when Cindy jumped off the bridge, Jacob didn't even blink. This was not a problem that had been caused in a short time. So many factors went into molding their thoughts and feelings.

What they went through and how they grew up determined what kind of outlook on life they would possess.

Some people were fragile because they were used to it and because others around them were fragile, too. Some people were strong because they were used to being strong.

Cindy was used to loneliness. She was wary of the world, and she didn't trust life to be in her favor. What was left for her now? She had gained a sense of security from her work at the company, but it wasn't enough.

Sometimes, a woman's sense of security came from a man. However, oftentimes, a woman's sense of security would come from her family. After all, their home was their harbor.

Jacob could almost see right into Cindy's heart. She was a frail and fragile being, and it was natural for her to make such a choice.

People would encounter various choices in their lives. Those choices could be as trivial as choosing what food to eat or which clothes to wear. However, some choices had the power to change a life. Whether it be for better or for worse, a person's life could be altered completely by that choice.

Different people would encounter different things. It was natural that they would have different feelings as well. Jacob thought about this and agreed with James.

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It's an internal matter of the company, and it's not that big of a deal.

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