Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 309 Conspiracy

"That's fine as long as you are okay. In fact, I have always wanted to tell you that you are a good person, Cindy. So you have to believe in yourself. Actually, you need to put fate aside. Now, you need to work on your confidence. What you are trying to find may not be the best for you."

Jacob earnestly stared at her without blinking.

"Sir, I know. But sometimes I can't control myself," Cindy said in a low tone.

"Now, give me details of that man. I will help you sort everything out. You don't need to worry," Jacob said as he stood up and glanced at his watch.

After such a long and hectic day, it was finally dinner time.

"Sort? How can you help me sort it out? I feel that I have been through enough humiliation. I no longer want to make this a serious issue. So..." Cindy whispered with her head bowed. Apparently, she didn't want to make a scene, so she was treading carefully.

She was not afraid of death. The only thing that scared her was that her dignity would be trampled on by everyone. Death is not horrible, but living without any dignity is. Strangely, Cindy valued her dignity more than her life.

"Do you think this is worth it? You think this is worth your life? A man who cannot handle any responsibility is just a scumbag! But you still want him to continue to stay in the company and pretend as if nothing had happened. On top of it, you are contemplating suicide. Do you think you deserve such a cruel fate?"

Jacob's face remained calm. He knew that scolding her in this situation would only make her sadder than she already was.

He understood her personality well. If he tried to reason with her excitedly, it was less likely that she would agree. On the contrary, if he calmly spoke to her, the chances were high that she would take him seriously.

The most intimidating thing about a person wasn't his or her charisma, but it was the ability to stay calm. Only when an individual wasn't overwhelmed with excitement could he or she begin to reason clearly.

Cindy was dumbfounded, but the look on her face was still very calm. What had happened was irreversible. There was no point crying over spilled milk. She wanted to take the blame for everything. And it was obvious that she was overburdening herself with all that responsibility.

"Mr. Jacob, I will tell you who it is. But, I don't want my resignation to be such a big distraction for the company. It would be best if fewer people knew about it."

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