Ex-husband's Sweet Trap

Ex-husband's Sweet Trap

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Chapter 70 Am I Going To Have A Little Brother?

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Henry glanced at Emily as he continued, "How would the other employees see me if I just leave her here?"

Emily tightened her grip on her handbag and forced a smile. "You're right, I didn't think it through."

After Henry put Luz in the back seat of the car, Logan clambered into the car as well and tried to shield his mother behind him, glaring at Henry. Henry's expression darkened when he saw his protective actions.

As he sat back behind the wheel again, Emily went around the car hurriedly and opened the door to get into the passenger seat. Before she could get in, Henry said coldly, "Get your assistant to pick you up."

"It's fine, I can accompany you to the hospital," Emily replied softly.

Unexpectedly, Henry's face turned cold, and he forced her to let go of the door. She took a step back. "Then, then I'll wait for you in the restaurant?"

She did not get an answer. Henry's car had already driven off, leaving only a trail of exhaust.


Emily clenched her teeth as she watched the car leave.

Her beautiful face was twisted with anger. "Luz Boone, how dare you seduce my man with such lowly tricks?"


In the hospital, Luz was sent to the general ward on an IV drip after a full-body checkup.

The doctor thought Henry was her family, so he stood at the door and told Henry, "She's just a little malnourished and have a slight fever, it's not too big of a deal. Just make sure your wife eats regularly and stop staying up late for work."

Henry wanted to protest that Luz was not his wife, but then he realized that Luz was technically his ex-wife. He pursed his lips and just nodded in acknowledgement.

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Ex-husband's Sweet Trap

Ex-husband's Sweet Trap

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