It’s been almost six months since the attack. We won in the attack but we lost something precious. The after effects of the loss are still not fading but it is creating a sort of depressed atmosphere around us. I don’t think anyone could ever forget that day.

I still remember the day as clear as it was yesterday. Everything was a chaos when we came out of the safe house. It wasn’t in Scotland but right under our house. We didn’t know till then that the house had a working basement with hidden entryway before we were shoved in there from under the table in dad’s office. Cassidy and Greyson had performed a number of spell on it and the Knights had repaired and stocked it with supplies for us to stay there. Greyson had also made the basement sound proof and sort of unable to plot.

We met there with the others who were considered dead in the fire. They had already moved everyone before the fire. Cassidy had had a vision about the fire and that made it possible for them to take action before the disaster happened but they didn’t have a safe place then and had no choice but to repair and put spells on the basement and use it as one.

I saw dad run inside with mom wrapped in his shirt when I came in the living room. She was bleeding badly from her neck and a black substance was dripping from under her. Cassidy ran in right after him. I followed them upstairs. She flipped mom over her stomach and removed the shirt as soon as dad put mom down on the bed in their bedroom.

The scene was horrific. Mom’s entire back had turned black and her skin looked like it had melted around what looked like a stab wound. I felt winded. It felt like someone was squeezing my neck and cutting my air flow. Dad pulled the bed cloth up to mom’s waist as she was completely naked.

“Come on. Let them work.” Zeno said softly and tried to pull me outside.

He was looking at everywhere but where mom was. He looked like he saw a very bad accident.

“No we need her here. Rest leave.” Cassidy said in a firm voice.

I didn’t realize that my siblings were in the room as well. Uncle Ryder was looking at mom with a horror filled look.

“She will need me here.” Zeno mumbled looking nauseated.

That’s when I noticed the cuts on his arm and chest.

“You need to get checked. Go.” I told him trying to push him out as others left the room except dad and Ryder.

“No. I will stay here with you. They will heal. We need to focus on Aunt Amy first.” Zeno said firmly. “Tell me what needs to be done. I will help as much as I can.”

“Just stay here with her while she heals Amara.” Cassidy said as she started to wipe the black substance off of mom’s back.