Emperor of all ages

Chapter 230: Kill Yu Wenlei

"You Wei, don't do it this time."

The night Xuan steps to erect the sky, insert the hands of pocket to slowly take out, slow voice says.

Zhou Youwei, who wants to fight side by side with yexuan, after hearing yexuan’s words, obediently stands in the same place and doesn’t make a move.

She always believed in yexuan.

Since ye Xuan said so, it proves that ye Xuan is enough alone! "Elder martial brother, you are so handsome!"

Zhu Xiaofei and others have stars in their eyes and a look of worship.

They never thought that yexuan could fly! It's incredible that Daotai can fly in the sky.

"How can it be?"

But at the moment, Hua Yunfei, muronghai and others are shocked.


Why can he fly?"

Hua Yunfei whispered, and his eyes were full of surprise.

"Your Highness doesn't know that, either?"

The white robed old man and Lu Jingfei were surprised.

They thought it was one of the cards that yexuan had played before.

Now it seems that even Hua Yunfei doesn't know.

Hua Yunfei's face was uncertain and said, "when he was in the golden pool, he only had two Taoist platforms at first, but now he is seven Taoist platforms, but he can't fly at all.

His flight in the golden pool relies on the subtle control of the real Qi, and he flies with the help of the real Qi chemicals."

"But this time, like this time, we used the power of heaven and earth to fly, but we didn’t show it."

He was puzzled.

Why night Xuan suddenly can fly.

I don't understand.

"Is there any treasure in this fellow?"

Hua Yunfei was suspicious.

"How could it be?"

At this moment, the most shocked are Nie Shan and Yu Wenlei.

They were totally unbelievable.

They have a better understanding of yexuan’s strength.

They have never seen yexuan flying in the sky.

But now, yexuan is really using the power of heaven and earth to fly.