''What?!'' I ask, without realising the tone of my voice—causing the whole restaurant to become quiet and turn to look at me. I immediately cover my face with my hand; embarrassed. As I mutter curses under my breath, I start to look back up at my mother, seeing her lips curve up into a smile.

''You heard me, sweetheart.'' She replies, taking a bite of her salmon. Both of her brown eyes are looking straight at me and for once, I feel like poking both of her eyes due to the anger I'm feeling. My mind can't seem to take the pressure I'm feeling at the moment.

''What does that even mean?'' I groan, rubbing onto my temples as I start to feel stress radiating.

My mind can't seem to forget the words she said minutes ago. She told me that I am engaged to a well-known prince of England. Not only that, she also told me that I have been engaged ever since I came out of her tummy—taking the first breath of fresh air. My mother could be insane, she might need to be admitted to the hospital and get things checked out but I know that's not it.

''Emma, what's so shocking about it? You're twenty-five this year, you don't have a boyfriend, you are beautiful, available—so you shall get married. It's destined for you. Other girls would be dying on their feet to marry a prince. I really don't expect a reaction like yours,'' She says, shaking her head in disagreement.

My eyebrows furrow, not really believing what she said, ''I don't want to get married, mother. I'm twenty-five, single, beautiful but not available. There's nothing that you can do to force me because I have control over my own life.'' I reply, with a smile on my face; trying to calm myself down.

To my surprise, she starts to chuckle which leaves me in confusion. I continue to look at her, trying to seek for answers but she seems calm and prepared for everything—which terrifies me. What if she planned everything out yesterday before meeting me? That can be a disaster.

''You simply don't understand, child. Your great-grandfather made the agreement with the previous king of England. Do you know how important is it? Royalties take such things very serious, they don't fool around.'' She continues before taking a sip of water.

''No. This is not happening. I have a life, mum. I managed to take over dad's restaurant and make it successful again after my graduation so you're not going to take that away from me. Marriage is very out of topic, we shall not talk about this again if you don't want to upset me.'' I say, groaning afterwards.

My life can't be destroyed with marriage. This is too much for me to handle. Sometimes, I can't even handle myself and she wants me to marry a royalty? That's very insane. I know, I've been single ever since I got my heart broken by my first love—back in high school but that's not the case, I really don't want to fall in love again. Not yet.

''Sweetheart, this isn't my choice. It was made before your father was even born. There's surely not an option either for you,'' She breaks the silence, causing me to groan once more—realising that she's really starting to piss me off.

When it comes to temper, I'm not very good at handling it. My family knows that about me. They say that it comes from mum but she hardly agrees. Almost everything about me comes from her except for my appearances—it's mostly from dad but the eye colour is definitely from mum.

Brown eyes all the way, people.

Mum and dad had a divorce when I was fifteen. It's due to the fact that they can't solve things very well—it's the cause of their marriage to be broken. Dad also said that they weren't compatible anymore and if they continue any further, it might scar deeply. Apart from their divorce, they are still close friends.

''Wouldn't you like it if I marry someone I love?'' I ask, causing her to stop talking at once. Her eyes are looking straight into mine; somehow I see regret appearing but she immediately blink it away.

Tears are starting to appear in her eyes, making me lean back on the chair. She breathes out, smiling down before looking back up at me, ''Just like your father and I.'' She mutters under her breath but still loud enough for me to hear.