Emery: A Prince's Adventure

Chapter 45: Epilogue


The happiness. The joy. The sensation.

It's all pure and unexpected, something so rare.

''Can I open my eyes now?'' I ask, trying to peek through his fingers as he keeps my eyes closed; not wanting me to look at the surprise he has for me. Then again, I can guess that it is something pretty special, due to the smell of candles. Must I add that it's my favourite scented candles?

''Wait, watch your step,'' One of his hand goes down to my waist, slowly stopping me. My lips curve up into a smile, waiting for him to show me, I want to be fully surprised so I'm not complaining about the fact that it's taking forever for him to let me open my eyes.

''You can open your eyes,'' He whispers, slowly.My eyes widen as soon as I open them, surprised.

''For you,'' He adds, as I keep on eyeing the room

''For you,'' He adds, as I keep on eyeing the room.

The apartment is decorated nicely, beautifully. It shows the appropriate amount of casualness and even luxury. My lips continue to curve up into a smile as I am insanely happy by the fact that he had gotten us a new home.Where we could escape from our duties, our title.

I turn to look at Emery, seeing that he is currently eyeing me too; showing how he's sincere and happy about this. There's so much more that he has done for us, for me that I can never be more than thankful, he's an angel. 

From giving us a chance to this, love.

''You don't like it?'' He asks, crossing his arms before making his way towards me; pulling me by closer by the waist but we're kind of out of reach due to the growing baby bump, making both of us chuckle.