''I'm sorry, Cole. I really am,'' I say, patting onto his shoulder; wanting to make sure that I show my sincere sympathy—I have never wanted any of us to turn out this way because I've always wanted the best.

He smiles, ''It's fine. Don't worry about me,''

''I should be the one apologising to you. She's my sister and I should've known better. This is just too fucked up, man and I think I'm going to go insane,'' He mutters, slowly but clearly. Of course, anyone would go insane if any of this happens, we'd be ape crazy.

Cole turns to look at Daniel, who's currently standing all by himself near the entrance of the palace. He seems to be spending time on his own and zone out, he would just do that. He has been doing that for the past hour.

''Talk to him. He needs it,'' He says, about Daniel.

I make my way towards Daniel, seeing that he has been zoning out lately kind of worries me. Once I'm standing beside him, I can't help but follow his gaze; seeing him eyeing Evelyn and Andrea which confuses me.

''So, you have a thing for my sister?'' I ask, jokingly.

To my surprise, he starts to laugh, shaking his head.

''Isn't that against the bro code?'' He raises an eyebrow, ''But no, man. I wish I had a thing for your sister so I can just take her out of this place—I mean, London's great but being royal? I don't think that's her forte.'' He adds, smiling as he looks down at the ground.

''Eh, I guess the Van Allans are born to spread our wings because you've described me perfectly.'' I reply, making him chuckle in respond, ''What's in your head?'' I ask.

Daniel keeps quiet for a few seconds before responding but I know that he's just trying to tell me that he's fine. Yet, I can tell that he's bad at lying; he's always bad at doing bad things—trust me, I know.

''It's just that, I can't stop thinking about Hannah,'' He replies, ''You know that the child is mine and I feel so hopeless that I'm actually letting her face death,'' The way he speaks, I know that he likes her or probably more because he wants what's best for his child.