Today is the day. The day where she'll be judged.

I, stand still as I watch the crowd, mostly citizens as they join us on this day. The day where we'll say the truth and leave everything to the judge where he shall be the one to state Hannah's punishment.

''There are a lot of people here,'' Evelyn says.

''You're right. The whole country knows about this. I'm pretty sure they've chosen our side yet some rebellions might be supporting her,'' I mutter under my breath as I keep on eyeing the crowd as Emma stands still beside me, her fingers entwined with mine.

''We don't need to know that now,'' She replies.

''It's starting,'' Evelyn gestures for us to sit.

Our royal lawyer has been dealing issues in this family for years, he is one of our trustworthy man. We all sit at the assigned seats, facing the judge and within seconds, I am already turning to look at Hannah, seeing her staring straight at the judge as she caresses her stomach.

All of a sudden, we are interrupted by the sound of the door opening before we can even start. Evelyn and I turn to look at the door, seeing Cole and Daniel entering as their eyes wander around the room.

Without me realising, Cole has already looked my way as he walks towards his side—with Hannah. Daniel follows behind him, his eyes won't leave Hannah's figure. I can't believe that this is what we've come to.

We were laughing, enjoying and even cherishing the moment of our lives. That seemed like only a few months ago but now things have changed. We've became adults before we get to realise it.

''All rise. Honourable judge is preceding into the court room,'' An officer says, as a sign for us to stand up; before turning to look at the judge, entering.

''Please be seated,'' He says, as we sit.

''Shall we begin?'' I hear someone ask but everything seems like a blur; my whole mind can't even comprehend what the hell is happening right now.

The judge begins by reading the case number and stating who is present in the court room other than the gallery and observers, ''This is the case number 84C01-0703-JD-00569, in the matter of Hannah Johansson. Present in the courtroom are the defendant and her attorney, the deputy prosecutor and the probation officer.''

I glance one more time at her, seeing her eyes are red and slightly swollen; as if she has been crying. Both of her hands are shaking but she hides it very well, not seen if I don't pay close attention. As for herself, she looks tired, hopeless and just, miserable.

It pains me to see her this way but it's her fault.


This wouldn't have happened if she didn't attempt.

''This is going to be long,'' Evelyn mutters beside me, making me turn to look at her; seeing that she's not looking at Hannah at all. Both of her eyes show no sympathy—maybe because she haven't spent as much time as I've spent with her.

''All are innocent until proven guilty. You have the option to plead not guilty, guilty or no contest. No contest means the trial will continue without your supporting evidence which can still find you guilty. I advise you not to plead no contest. You also have the right to obtain counsel,'' The judge says, while the rest of us are quietly in our spot; not uttering anything.

I look at Emma, seeing that she is currently looking down at her hands as she stays still next to our lawyer. If only I can be next to her, in order to comfort, I would but like I said, she's strong enough. She is.

''In the matter of Maria Higgins and Hannah Johansson, please come forward,'' He starts, looking up at Maria—one of our maids who saw the whole incident.

She was walking through the halls until she heard raising voices; luckily, she stayed long enough to see Hannah push Emma down the stairs which she claims to be a witness. Both of Hannah and Maria walk towards their stands, causing everyone to look at them.

The judge looks down at the paper, ''Maria Higgins, please raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?'' He asks, eyeing Maria; so does the rest of the people here.

An officer places Maria's hand on the bible, ''I do.''