''I know what you did,'' I say, closing the door behind me before seeing her actions freeze. Yes, we're far enough from one another and that's great, distance is all that I need; there's no point of closing it.

''What did I do?'' She asks, obliviously.

''You don't have to lie, Hannah. Tell me the truth,'' I mutter; wanting to hear the truth from her because that's what I deserve after all her wrongdoings. She has caused destruction with my marriage and it has broken Emma—hurting me more, actually.

Hannah turns to look at me, her eyes focusing into mine which causes me to look back at her; challenging her to lie at my face. Either way, she'll be dragged out of here and will be sentenced in court.

''She accused me,'' She says, standing up.

''She told the truth. Yet, you pushed her and it could have caused her own death—you attempted murder. Unfortunately, I lost my baby but I'm more than thankful that my wife survived,'' I calmly, speak to her. ''You may have rights as you are an Australian but you're in London and you've almost killed the future queen. The only punishment is death,'' I add.

To my surprise, she starts to chuckle, ''Death?''

I clench my jaw, not liking the fact that she thinks this is all a damn joke, ''Does it humour you?'' I ask, trying to look for fear, regret but I see none.

''What does your kingdom say about killing a pregnant woman?'' Both of her eyes are staring directly into my soul, somehow.

Then again, she was the one who caused this whole chaos to happen; everyone knew about her action, she tried to harm their future queen and that is more than legal. It's against the law—any law.

''That was what you attempt,'' I reply, slowly.

She stays quiet for the next few seconds which causes me to continue on; the woman in front of me, she used to soothe my pain—well, we were close but all of a sudden, I don't think I know her anymore.

''Hannah, you've changed. I don't know what has gotten into you but you're not the same Hannah I met years ago. You're not you,'' I say, trying to make her realise that I still feel sorry for what has happened but there's no going back; she caused this.

''What if this is me?'' She questions.

''Then, I've never known you,'' I mutter.

Seconds before I can push the door open and leave the room, her words stopped me. Even if I want her to hurt more than Emma did, I can't deny that she used to be the one that I poured my sorrow, my pain.

''How can you not feel anything for me? How can you say that you don't want to deal with commitment but you end up marrying someone? I know, I'm not good enough for you and you're a prince,'' She says, but I stay still; facing the door—not bothered to turn.

We've spent a lot of times together in the past and I can't lie saying that it didn't mean something to me because it sure did but not enough. She knew the main deal, she knew that I didn't want to have any serious relationships because at the end of the damn day, I'll be hurting her heart. She knew that.

''I'll see you in court,'' I say before exiting.