''We're going to Australia,'' I say, deadly serious.

Evelyn's eyes widen in surprise as she turns to look at me, both of her eyes are trying to seek for answers. No one would just say that they're going to a foreign country and be all casual about it but when it comes to finding out about my husband's truth, then yes.

''We are?'' She raises an eyebrow, looking at Andrea as he shrugs; only smiling afterwards. Then, the both of them wait for me to continue while I hesitate.

''Yes and we're leaving tonight,'' I answer.

Both Andrea and Evelyn's eyes widen in surprise before causing Evelyn to stand up—trying to make sure that I'm thinking straight. She must think that I've lost my mind but who cares? I'll go to Australia all by myself if I have to but due to my state, I'm not so sure. As selfish as I may be, my baby comes first.

''You're not serious, are you?'' She stares directly into my eyes which causes me to groan in frustration, ''It's just that—Emma, does Emery know about this?''

I look at Andrea, seeing him nodding his head; waiting for me to answer Evelyn's question. Well, if I'm taking her to Australia, there's no point in lying anyway so she might as well know the truth.

''What if I say no?'' I slowly reply, frowning.

''Then, we're going. Tonight,'' She exclaims.

I confusingly look at Evelyn but when I turn to look at Andrea, I see him agreeing. The way he smiles widely at her; it shows how he'll follow her to the end of the world if he has to. They're utterly adorable.

''Thank you, Evelyn.'' Within seconds, I am already pulling her into a hug; making her hug me back immediately. Me, being the only child, I've never felt or understood what it is to have a sibling. Someone who would be there for me, other than my parents, who would know me better—wish I could.

''Anything for you, baby sis.'' She chuckles.

''I'm coming with you,'' Andrea says, earning our attention before receiving a kiss on the cheek from Evelyn—follow with her nodding and smiling widely at him. He turns to look at me, ''I'm helping you solve this, Your Highness. If you let me,'' He adds.

With my lips curved up, ''Of course and just call me Emma. I don't do formalities very well,''

He laughs, smiling. Just like that, I finally see a slight hope in finding the truth. I'm going to leave London and head straight to Australia with these two; we'll find the truth—we'll investigate before heading back home. That's the only way for me to peacefully live my life because right now, I'm far from peace.

''We better start packing. How long are we staying?'' Evelyn asks, which takes me a moment to think. We are probably going to stay longer than we intend if we don't find what we're looking for but deep down, I just want to get this over with so it can be fine again.

''Just pack what you need for a couple of days. If we couldn't find answers, we will stay longer.'' I say.

''Emery wouldn't be too happy about this,'' She says.

''He wouldn't be happy at all,'' I mutter.

Evelyn smiles mischievously, knowing that I'm taking this as an adventure. I couldn't go on this trip all by myself because I would be clueless and probably a little bit hopeless so I need someone; but instead of someone, I got myself two. Wonderful!

''We're not taking the private jet,'' I mutter, causing them to turn and look at me, ''Precautions,'' I add.