''I don't need your lecture,'' I say without turning around to look at my mother—who's probably going to start asking me about Hannah and the baby. Then, she's going to ask me about Emma.

''In fact, I don't need anything.'' I add, in anger.

My mother closes the door behind her a little bit too forceful—then, she begins to walk towards me with a frown in between her brows. Her face shows it all; she wants to be mad at me, probably scream and shout but she knows that I'm no longer a kid.

''What happened back in Australia? What happened to my son? I can't believe what I heard from her and that's why I want to hear it from you,'' She looks up at me—straight into my eyes.

''Look, mother. I don't want to be disrespectful but I need to be alone and you out of anyone would truly understand that,'' I say, walking out of the room to leave her standing there by herself as she sighs.

My heart aches to speak like that—but it hurts me more how I'm slowly losing everything. Before I can continue to walk down the hall, I immediately stop my steps as I see Hannah appearing from the stairs, her eyes meeting mine in an instant.

''Fucking hell,'' I mutter to myself.

I roll my eyes in annoyance as I make my way towards the other direction, ignoring her calling out my name because I don't need her here right now. I don't need her at all—she can just leave for all I care.

''Emery!'' She calls out, louder.

Just as I'm about to walk upstairs, I see Emma.

Both of her eyes are looking at me after glancing at someone behind me—Hannah. I don't waste a single second to look at Hannah because I just want to look at my wife; even though I see pain in her.