''I'm going to Australia,'' Evelyn pushes the door open; instantly catching my attention before looking up at her—leaning back on my seat.

''Why would you go to Australia?'' I ask.

''Investigate your group of friends,'' She replies.

My eyebrows furrow for a few seconds as I drop my pen onto the desk; sighing deeply. We've not talked about this for the past month. It stresses me out when she's bringing this up, just now.

''I thought we're over this. Besides, no one has been bothering me for almost two months now. Emma and the baby are healthy—everything is perfectly fine,'' I shrug; not wanting to ruin my life. Evelyn may have thought about this for the past weeks but I think that she should just let it go. Everything is fine.

''I have a bad feeling about this, Emery. They've been too quiet and I know that you worry about Emma and the baby—that's why I want to help.'' She continues to speak; stubbornly.

Evelyn doesn't know about Hannah's pregnancy; then again, no one knows about it except me. The last time my mind has thought of her was when Cole called to tell me about her pregnancy and that was it. Even if she's truly pregnant, the baby is not mine.

Yet, I'm not too sure.

Great, now I'm worrying about this over again.

''There's nothing to help,'' I mutter, slowly as I put back my earphones in—not bothered to hear her speak because I know she won't stop talking about this; she wants to find out the truth.

All of a sudden, she starts to pull them roughly which causes me to look up into her eyes due to me sitting in my seat and her standing in front of me with the table separating us—her eyes show nothing but anger.

''You, listen to me. You're my baby brother and I'm your big sister; I know what's best for you. Mother has been busy dealing with the new system ever since father passed away and I think that this is the right time for me to slip away. She won't notice,'' She says before adding, ''I'll make it quick,''

''Evelyn, cut it off, okay? Why are we still talking about this? I don't want anything to do with Hannah and I think that this is just a sick joke,'' I reply, slightly raising my voice; unable to control my temper. I've been dealing with pressure recently.

''Oh, stop being irresponsible.'' She looks straight into my eyes, ''You're hiding something from me,''

''What would that be?'' I lean forward, challenging.

To our surprise, someone knocks onto the door which catches our attention; before entering and bowing, ''Forgive me for interrupting, Your Highnesses but there's someone here to see you—she has been calling out for you, threatening the guards. She claims to have something that belongs to you,'' He says.

''How could you let her in? Who is she?'' I ask.

Then, I stand up, heading towards the door.