My eyebrows furrow in confusion; realising that by the look on his face—it shows well enough to see hesitation deep within. Then again, he seems like he's debating with himself whether he should be telling me or not, yet the chances are he will tell.

''What is it? Tell me,'' I mutter.

''Promise me first. Promise me that you will listen till the end without misunderstanding, you will let me try to explain things to you so that it'll be clear and for the love of god—don't walk out of this room before I finish. Promise me,'' He replies, too serious.

I know that this is something a little bit too serious due to the fact that he asked me to listen till the end; without leaving the room. He wants me to understand completely before making assumptions.

I hold onto his hand, ''I promise.''

His brown eyes begin to soften a little—soothing me slightly. My brain goes blank at this sight of him; all of a sudden, he has something to tell me. Deep down inside, I want it to be something good. At least good enough to lift up a smile on my face yet I know that it's far from good but bad.

Bad may be a little overrated.

''Years ago before I met you, there was this person named Hannah—she and I, we had something in the past due to the fact that we were sexually attracted towards one another but nothing more. No strings attached, at all. At least, that was for me,'' He stops for a few seconds, making me think of his next words.

''What happened, then?'' I ask, slowly.

''W—we, well, we had a few nights together ever since. None of us were complaining either. It was strictly friends with benefits and I didn't feel anything more towards her but when I met her again—''

''You met her last week?'' I cut him off.

Emery sighs deeply before nodding his head.

''Get to it, then. It's making me anxious,'' I add.

''She kissed me. Daniel started saying how she has feelings for me and that I had left Australia without telling her. They thought we were a couple,'' He says, ''Well, until he found out that I'm a prince and I end up on television on my wedding day,'' He adds.