My mind goes blank instantly, not really believing the fact that I'm becoming a dad but that's really, really happening—everything about Hannah begins to fade away without leaving glimpses behind.

Judging by the look on Emma's face, she's thrilled.

I immediately stare into her eyes, wanting to read her out in order for me to utter words but there's nothing going on my mind—I'm supposed to tell her about Hannah but now, that slipped away.

How can I tell her about Hannah?

When I've just heard about her pregnancy. This is a new step for both of us and I know that Hannah does not matter right now or ever. My wife and my family is what matters most; in anything.

The incident that happened with Hannah, that can wait at least for the next few days or weeks. Besides, what could possibly go wrong? Things are getting better just by this shocking news, it's insane.

All of a sudden, she starts to frown.

''A—are you not happy about this? If so, we—''

I cut her off with a kiss on the lips; wanting to make her stop talking nonsense. My lips curve up into a smile as we kiss—with me trying to push away her thoughts of not wanting our baby. That's just no.

We break the kiss, ''I'm more than happy. We're having a baby together and that's more than I could ever ask you for—thank you,'' I mutter, slowly.

Tears are appearing in her eyes, imitating me.

''I love you, Emma.'' I breathe out.

It surprises me as she pulls me close for a bone crushing hug which causes me to wrap my arms around her body; feeling her warmth mixing with mine, ''I love you, too.'' She whispers, near me.

#1 life goal completed.

We both stay in each other's arms for a few more minutes before actually releasing. This is all new to us and we're still trying to overcome our insecurities which is almost impossible yet we're trying.