I wake up to the sudden brightness hitting my skin, making me blink a few times before opening my eyes completely; confusion surrounds me fully.

My head aches immediately as soon as I sit up straight, not knowing the whole cause of it. As I look around, I realise that I don't remember how I end up being in my bedroom when I was clearly in the living room with Hannah—which makes me realise.

She's the cause of it. She's the main cause.

I turn to look at the note near me:

Last night was great!

Bet your wife wouldn't be so happy about it but don't worry it'll be our little secret.

Xoxo, Hannah

My jaw clenches in anger as I keep on reading the note over and over again—not completely believing that she framed me into this. There's no prove of what happened last night due to the fact that I can't even the slightest remember a thing.

She might be lying. She might've said the truth.

I crumple the note with the amount of anger within my body, not really understanding how the hell it all happened in a short amount of time. My life is slowly killing me inside, just by this stupid mistake.

Hannah will probably use this against me.

She might want to destroy me, that's a possibility.

My eyebrows remain furrow at the sudden sound on the ground which causes me to look down, seeing that my alarm has been ringing for the past two minutes of me thinking of my current issue.

''Shit, I'm going to be late.'' I mutter to myself.

Just like that, I immediately push the covers away from my body—somehow, feeling disgusted if what she said was true. As I pack my things, I can't help but continue to think of what might've happened.

How did I end up unconscious?

''Hey,'' I pick up the call before closing the door behind me, locking it afterwards. I head straight towards the cab that I've called fifteen minutes ago, bringing my backpack at the backseat with me.

''What happened last night? I called but you didn't answer. We went to your apartment—'' I cut Daniel off, knowing that I don't really want to talk about this or anything that was planned last night.

''I was tired. Sorry that I couldn't make it,'' I reply.

He stays quiet for a few seconds, ''No big deal. When's your flight? Want me to come and meet you up at the airport with Cole? You know, you might not be back here in Australia when you're too busy with your own country,'' He says, chuckling at the end.

''Sure. Meet me there as soon as possible,''

Just like that, I end up the call.

I am immediately drifted away with my own thoughts, making me want to just recall the memories from last night but nothing. Nothing came up but pieces of me talking with Hannah—other than that, none.

As I think of a better solution, I move forward.