''Tell your sister to stop,'' I grab Cole onto the arm, making him turn to look at me before frowning in confusion as he stops talking to Finn who is currently taking a few bites from his burger.

''Wow, okay, what happened?'' He asks, concern.

''I've been avoiding her since I came here. She won't stop texting me—I don't even know how the hell she got my number and I don't like it,'' I tell him the truth because something like this can cause issues in the future if not stopped now; I know better, hopefully.

''Man, she's been crying this whole week.'' He replies, glancing at Finn who keeps on eating his food without a single care in the world, ''Just—just keep on doing what you're doing. Ugh, I don't know,'' He sighs.

''Keep on doing what I'm doing? I'm only hurting her and that's far from what I have in mind,'' I furrow my eyebrows in disagreement, ''Look, Cole, she kissed me the night I came here and I've never felt as guilty as I've been feeling this whole week,'' I add, hesitating.

''She kissed you? What the—'' Finn coughs.

Cole looks at me in surprise, ''I didn't know she went that far. S—she won't eat, she won't talk,'' He says.

''I'm leaving tomorrow. Just help me on this one. I'll be leaving the country before you know it,'' I turn to look around at my surroundings, seeing that most of the students here are busy preparing for their tests.

''I thought you're staying for two weeks?'' Finn asks.

''I changed my mind. Besides, I miss home.'' I mutter.

Cole nods his head in understanding before patting onto my shoulder, ''Consider it done. I'll make sure that kiss was the only trouble she caused you,'' He assures me and I smile at him; thankful to have him as a friend who would help me through something.

Just like that, I start to make my way out of campus.

Hannah has been acting different; especially now. She used to be understanding and she has never reacted this way before—but now she's just stressing me out. I'm only trying to protect what the media sees about me because if they get one bad side of me, that'll be the end of it. The end of what people think.

The end of what Emma might think.

She might misunderstood and things would get a little rough for us—we're only trying to make us a better couple; so that we can proceed what we have now. I don't need the media or Hannah to ruin that for me.

This whole week I would consider myself safe.

Why? Well, it's because the media found out that I'm in Australia yesterday—so, they didn't know earlier. Besides, the kiss was never known to the public which is good; safe for me and safe for Emma.

God, why can't I stop thinking about her?

''Mr. Van Allan,'' I turn around to see one of my old professors called out for me, making me stop my steps and wait for him to get near me. The smile on his face shows how he's surprised, ''You're back on campus?''

I smile back at him, ''Just sorting a few things out with my degree—how are you, Professor?'' I ask him.