''You took me on a jet to New York,'' He says, causing me to look up and meet his eyes but due to the sunglasses that he's wearing—I can't really see where he's looking. ''That's not surprising.'' He adds.

Then, he leans back on his seat, using his palm to support his chin, ''Of course it's not and for your information, I just saved both of our asses from being stranded on an island for a whole week.'' I effortlessly flip my hair, earning a smirk from him.

''How come?''

''Your mother wanted to plan a honeymoon for us and she asked me to choose a destination. I had a better idea and I took it as my chance. I chose New York because I told her I didn't want to go on a honeymoon—like, why would I?'' I reply.

It irritates me that I'm not able to see his eyes. Just by the way his head is facing me, shows how he's actually looking my way but I can't read his facial expressions; especially right now.

''Take that off,'' I mutter under my breath.

''Take what off?'' He asks, raising an eyebrow.

''That, take it off.'' I say, pointing at his sunglasses. For some reason, I'm not scared of challenging him or asking him to do things. Even if things were awkward before, I manage to feel comfortable now.

''If I won't?'' He leans forward a little bit.

Surprisingly, I brace myself to lean in further so that our knees would be touching. It does not affect him the slightest but I remain my calm. I reach out for his sunglasses and once I manage to take it off, I am left with his eyes completely attached to mine—leaving me breathless.

''There, that wasn't so hard, was it?'' I breathe.

As soon as I lean back on my seat, he leans back too before pulling his sunglasses back on; causing me to roll my eyes in annoyance at his attitude. Then, he crosses his arms—in a way that shows he is going to sleep.

Hours and hours have passed but I can't seem to fall asleep for long because my mind is constantly remind of Emery. For instance, I am always reminded that he's here, in front of me and when I fall asleep, he might end up watching me but that's a total bullshit.

Emery doesn't seem bothered much in his sleep. He barely even move and would only slightly whenever he feels uncomfortable but other than that, he stays till at his spot. I don't actually understand why he won't go at the back in the bedroom provided—because obviously, he's allowed to sleep there.

Then again, so am I.

I open my eyes to find the private jet landing; making me look down at New York City. My lips curve up into a small smile, missing home and missing the smell of freshly cooked food. Everything seems to be playing in my mind for a few times; especially the food.

The restaurant has been on my mind for quite some time, probably because I've missed it that much. With a sigh, I turn to glance at Emery, seeing that he's currently rubbing the back of his neck but both of his eyes are closed—he had removed his sunglasses a few hours back.

Once we have safely landed, I quickly make my way out with Emery trailing behind me. Without us knowing, we are already standing outside the airport with our bags on the ground as we wait for a cab.

''Sorry to disappoint you but I didn't hire a chauffeur,''

Emery snorts, fixing his hair by running his fingers through them before turning to look at me, ''It's actually expectable that we'll be riding a cab,'' He replies, both of his hands in his jeans' pocket as he turns to look away.

It surprises me at the sight of him. Every single time. God damn it, why? He doesn't even do anything but I always end up falling hard. Falling deep. Yes, he doesn't notice and he won't notice but I think I have fallen for him—in a way that I can't explain.

''Can you take that off?'' I ask.

''What is it with you and sunglasses?'' He asks back, taking it off before glaring at me. It takes me awhile to realise that he manage to make my lips curve up into a smile.

''I just don't like it,'' That I can't look into your eyes, I say to myself in my mind; but I keep it to myself.

''Oh yeah? That's your problem. Not mine,'' He puts his sunglasses back on and starts to look straight down the road, slightly hiding his face whenever he finds people staring at him in a way that they would notice him.

''Who are you hiding from?'' I ask, slightly feeling concern but I expect an answer from him already.

''I don't think it's safe to be out here for too long.'' He replies, clearing his throat, ''Especially when we're still being the centre of attention,'' He adds.

All of a sudden, I find myself laughing so hard that I can actually explode on the floor. Emery glances at my direction for a few seconds before turning to completely look at my face—probably realising how insane I am, bad luck to him then. I cross my arms, looking up due to his height, ''I'm sorry, baby but I forgot to list in ten bodyguards for the sake of your safety. Remind me to do that, like yesterday?'' I roll my eyes at him.

Both of his eyebrows furrow in disagreement, ''That's not what I meant—'' He starts to speak.

I cut him off, ''Oh no. I know, there are like thousands of serial killers here in New York. Be careful, don't want to be on their list.'' I say, sarcastically.

Seconds before he can respond, I manage to get a cab for the both of us—he just stands there while I pick up our luggages but I don't mind due to the speechless look on his face. It satisfies me.

Honestly, Emery is far from what I've expected. He has lived in Melbourne since he was eighteen and due to that, he has not act like a self-centred prince. He seems very humble and common; like a normal person. No one would have expected him to be royalty. Neither would I, at first.

I know what he meant and he was right. It's not safe for the both of us to be in public for a long duration because we're still fresh and known to the world. We need a few more weeks or even months to actually slowly let our name slide aside from the press but Emery doesn't need to worry about it at the moment, New York is a busy place and hardly anyone can recognise us unless they stop and stare.

Once we have arrived at my apartment, Emery follows behind me without uttering a single word before he starts to make his way towards the middle—while I close the door, hearing it lock itself. I take a few seconds to eye him from behind, cherishing.