''A royal guest is here! Do you perhaps know who it might be?'' One of the servants ask one another as they make their way towards the front entrance, muttering more words as they do so. With a frown on my face, I turn to see a lot of more servants going through that way.

''A royal guest?'' I question myself.

I continue to walk inside the castle, seeing that most of the servants are lined up at the entrance, waiting for the royal guest to arrive shortly. While I continue to stare at the front door, I immediately turn to come face to face with a man's broad chest.

My eyes widen in surprise before stepping back a little and looking up in a hurry, seeing Emery looking down at me with a smirk on his face—probably from the look on my face because I bet it wasn't pretty earlier.

''You should really watch where you're going, it is kind of deadly.'' He says after rolling his eyes before passing by me, walking down the hall and straight towards the front door—leaving me thinking that he's going to greet the royal guest.

I come to realise that he has changed into a navy blue shirt.

''Deadly, my ass.'' I mutter under my breath.

Without further ado, I start to make my way towards the front door, standing right next to one of the servants while I watch Emery taking a few steps down the stairs, looking around in confusion but he stays still, talking to the queen—his mother.

I can't help myself when it comes to Emery. I end up watching his every movement and actions, even by the way he chuckles when the queen mutters a light joke. The way his eyes squint when he laughs, it's one of the things that may attract women.

Especially him, he's royalty.

After a few minutes of waiting for the royal guest, we finally see a black Range Rover stopping at the middle of the entrance—the windows are darkly tinted, preventing anyone from seeing inside. I can guess that it's indeed a royal guest; being greeted by the queen and prince, must be a special person.

Ever since I came here, for like two days, I haven't met or seen the king. Rumours are spreading around the castle, rumours about the king that I am starting to hear, they say that the king is actually ill, badly ill. It has been a couple of months since he left his chamber but his illness has been going on for a few months now.

As the door is being opened by one of the bodyguards, my jaw drops onto the ground as soon as I see a woman—around her twenties, stepping out in her high heels with full of grace and class but mostly class. My eyes manage to take a few seconds eyeing her whole outfit, seeing that she's wearing a black tight pencil skirt with a white tank top and a blazer in her hands.

One word, deadly gorgeous.

The way her light brown hair are in soft curls just fall down her shoulders—it's surprisingly building up envy in me. As soon as she steps out of the car, I manage to catch a glimpse of her face, seeing that she has a light makeup on; complimenting her flawless complexion.

''Damn,'' I mutter under my breath, sighing afterwards.

To my surprise, her lips are curving up into a wide smile as soon as she sees Emery before walking towards him and pulling him in for a very tight hug—pressing her body against his in an inappropriate way but everyone doesn't seem to notice. Emery doesn't either.

''It's been awhile and it's really nice to see you again, cousin!'' She exclaims in excitement before caressing the side of Emery's cheek, pecking afterwards.

I raise an eyebrow in disbelief before continuing to watch them bond—not in a family bonding way. The queen watches them with a smile on her face before receiving a peck on the cheek by her too.

Within seconds, Emery's eyes are on me while he clenches his jaw for an unknown reason. Then, his cousin turns to look at me, something passing her eyes but it disappears within a couple of seconds, ''Don't you miss me?'' She asks, pouting.

Emery clears his throat, ''Not quite.''