Drenched in Love

Chapter 53 It is Exactly What You Said

Stephen went upstairs to sleep and he told Sophia to sleep too. Sophia looked at the bedroom door and thought of that nightmare, she did not dare to go in.

She originally wanted to sleep in the living room, but once she closed her eyes, she saw the dishevelled female ghost flying to her. Sophia even dare not stay in the living room. In desperation, she crept up to the second floor and sat at the door of Stephen's bedroom.

Even sitting here, Sophia did not close her eyes. So she sat with her eyes open until daybreak.

In lunch break time, Sophia picked up the phone and read the message Vincent sent her.

‘Sophia, I do not want to say so, but your Mom did die because she was too sad about you.’

Sophia, go less to the cemetery. Your mother complained against you when she was in sickbed.

This sentence was like a very sharp fingernail, ruthlessly seized Sophia's heart, let her out of breath.

Tears clouded her eyes. Sophia bit lips and forced herself not to cry.

No. No, Certainly no.

Sophia told herself in the heart. After a while, she made up her mind that after work she would go to see Vincent and ask him.

As Sophia was sad, Natalia came over and accidentally hit Sophia's arm. Sophia frowned and raised her head.

She said nothing, but Natalia could not help laughing out loud, “Sophia, what is this in your hand? A phone?" Natalia called to everyone, "Come and have a look! Take a look at Sophia's mobile phone, isn’t this the phone used by the elderly? Sophia, how old are you? Why do you use such a bad phone?!"

cried out, a crowd of people surrounded

Hazel darkened her face, “What are you looking at?! Haven't you all seen it before?

the crowd dispersed, Hazel comforted Sophia, but Sophia shed tears. Hazel felt sorry and said,

She just thought of her

Sophia drove to the door of the Adams Group. Not long after, Vincent came out of

did you become

shoulders asked. Vincent was

down holding Sophia's arm, as if he was

tried hard to pull out her arms from his

I'm sorry. I didn't take care of you. It's all

the next moment he would cry

her tired body fell into his arms, Sophia's body suddenly softened and she felt sad, after all, she had loved this man.

in eyes. As she was to embrace his

was not when they fell in love, and it

suddenly woke up. She pushed Vincent hard and

to hold her again, but he gave up when Sophia struggled. He pulled the chair, let Sophia sit

did my mother die? I

became bitter, “Sophia, since the thing had

me!” Sophia accentuated

mother really carelessly slipped down the stairs.

downstairs, so she went

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