Drenched in Love

Chapter 51 You are Afraid

After a week of resting, Sophia got better in her ankle sprain and Stephen let her continue to work in the Berry Group.

Hazel was startled to see Sophia and asked her, “Sophia, what's wrong with you?"

In a short period of time, Sophia got thinner.

Sophia wanted to force a smile to let Hazel feel at ease, but she failed and could only feebly said, “I'm OK. I just had my ankle sprained."

When it was time to get off work, Sophia did not go to clean the toilet nor to buy food and cook. She directly drove her car to the cemetery.

At the time, she was still hoping for luck. She hoped everything that happened during that time was a dream. It was just a long dream, and when she woke up, all things disappeared.

She followed the memorized route step by step to the cemetery. Looking at that familiar names and picture on the tombstone, she lost the last glimmer of hope.


Sophia kneeling in front of the tombstone cried holding the tombstone.

It gradually became dark. Sophia finally raised her head from the tombstone. At this time she had stopped crying. Only dry tears were on the cheeks.

Sophia raised her hands and wiped her face. Looking at her mother's smiling, kind face, she slowly stood up. She had been kneeling for so long that her legs had become numb, and it took her several minutes to fully stand upright.

After looking at Helena for a while, Sophia turned to leave.

not just cry. She still had work to do. She wanted to know what had happened. She also needed to know where her father and brother lived and if they had a good

took out her phone she bought with her first month's salary

was a reply: Sophia, I do not want to say so, but your Mom did die

number: Sophia, go less to the cemetery.

when she saw that message. The phone slipped from her

into a nearby tree. The

blood dripped down. And the smell of the

the more desolate site. It was now dark and

the steering wheel after some time. She frowned and felt a severe

raised her hands to

of the battered car. She was driving at a very slow speed. Otherwise, the collision would have caused more than

frowned when he saw the broken car and injury on Sophia’s forehead, “You are my servant

looked at Stephen and they

"Cook!” Stephen ordered.

go to

“I asked you

no strength, so she

and took a step

the ground and walked

with a

her." With that, Stephen turned to the study

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