Drenched in Love

Chapter 46 Didn’t You See Her

Sophia was polite to Vincent this time.

She grabbed Vincent's arm and looked around for him while asking, "Where is Calvin? Where's Calvin?"

Vincent was surprised, “Calvin? Did you see Calvin? Where is he?"

Sophia looked at him with a frown, “I saw you came in with him. Didn't you see him?"

Vincent shook his head and denied, “No. I didn't see him!"

Sophia looked at Vincent in disbelief, “You lied! He must be here! You're hiding him! Say it! Where the hell did you hide him?!"

Vincent explained, “Sophia, I came in with a person, but that person is an employee of my company, you made a mistake!"

She made a mistake?

No! She shook her head. She did not make a mistake! He was her own brother, who had lived with her for nearly twenty years since childhood. She could not make a mistake!

Sophia ran to the front desk and asked, "Have you seen my brother? He was tall with a square face and big eyes."

The receptionist shook her head, “Miss, I didn't see such a person. It is indeed an employee of our company who came in with Mr. Adams just now. He did not deceive you."

Sophia still did not believe and looked around the whole company, but she did not find Calvin.

Was I really wrong? Puzzled, Sophia left.

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