Dragon Master

Chapter 11 Just Three Minutes

This was Maximilian’s promise to Victoria, a promise that would be kept!

He had been feeling guilty for Victoria for four years, and he wanted to make it up for her.

In the past four years, Victoria had never left Maximilian, and she would secretly give money to Maximilian's mother. Maximilian had known all of that.

Even if she was a little colder and harsher to Maximilian in normal days, Maximilian could feel her love.

Maximilian felt that she was the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He would spend the rest of his life protecting Victoria and his daughter.

“Do you lie to me?" Victoria's rosy cheeks were covered in tears.

For all these years, she had suffered in her family. She always hoped that one day, she could be in front of people in a dignified manner, hugging Maximilian and telling everyone that this was her husband, Sissi’s father.

Maximilian silently wiped Victoria's soft feet and said.

"Victoria, I promise you, I won't let you down again!"

After saying that, Maximilian turned away.

Victoria sat on the edge of the bed and watched Maximilian leaving with tears in her eyes.

"Maximilian, don't you ever let me down on you again......"

She has sacrificed so much and suffered so much for this family in the past four years.

How she wished she could face the public with him one day.

Maximilian went out and dialed a number. Wilfred's respectful voice came from the other side of the phone.

"What can I do for you, young master?"

"Wilfred, do you know the Graham Group?"

Maximilian asked.

"Yes, one of the top medical device companies in the country. What about it?"

Wilfred asked.

"Make an appointment for me, I want to meet with the chairman of Graham Group immediately."

Maximilian said.

"Yes, young master, I'll do it right away."

Wilfred replied.

Maximilian tilted his head and looked up at the sky dotted with stars.

He was the next Dragon Lord of the Dragon Sect. Even though he was just a puppet manipulated by the Dragon Sect, he could still use the

power of the Dragon Sect to do things he wanted.

However, Maximilian didn't dare to make his identity known to the public yet.

That vicious woman was still there. She was still the current Dragon Queen of the Dragon Sect.

Plotting and moving forward, Maximilian had his own plans.

Ever since he and his mother were thrown out of the Dragon Sect, Maximilian had been bearing responsibility and blames, because he was aiming higher.

Everyone though he was a coward. Everyone from the Dragon Sect took him as a bastard.

However, who knew that after all these years, Maximilian had his own layout and vision long ago.

In the darkness, a figure quietly stepped out. Then the figure knelt down to Maximilian and said very respectfully,

"Young master, do you need my accompany to go there?"

Maximilian stood with his arms on his back. The he shook his head and said.

"It's not necessary.”

Someday he would definitely become the Lord, and by then he would no longer be afraid of the Dragon Queen!

Meanwhile, in the newly established Graham Group building in H City, the chairman's office on top floor was lit up.

"Mr. Graham, there’s a man waiting for you downstairs. They said they've made an appointment."

A woman in a black suit said to the middle-aged man sitting in a big chair. She crossed her arms in front of her belly looked very respectful.

Ralphy, the chairman of the Graham Group in H City, sneered and said.

"Let him come up."