Dragon Master

Chapter 10 Pride and Honor

The appearance of Maximilian made the faces of all members of Griffith in the conference room ghastly.

"Maximilian? How did you get in here? Don't you know where this is?

Get the hell out of here right now!"

Franklin instantly pointed at Maximilian and shouted angrily.

This piece of shit who was nothing was unqualified to be in the Griffith company!

Even less qualified to be in this room!

"How did he, the wimp, get in here. Isn't it a disgrace?"

"Yeah, he should let Victoria agree it. He is actually getting Victoria into trouble. Such a stupid man.”

"How dare he boss around here."

For a while, relatives of Griffith as well as the company's senior executives were finding fault with Maximilian in the conference room and their words were filled with contempt and disdain.

"Why are you here?" Victoria was a bit panicked at the moment, but she was even more angry than that. Maximilian shouldn't have come.

However, he wore a gentle smile as he walked towards Victoria.

He had never given her anything and never helped her during the past four years.

Everyone despised him, while Victoria was the only one who stayed by his side.

Even if Victoria was harsh with him and was angry with him, Maximilian didn't take it seriously.

Because Victoria was his wife, who was also his past and future.

He used to be useless and put Victoria under attack.

He would inherit the Dragon Sect and give Victoria a lifetime prosperity.

Maximilian stepped forward and stood beside Victoria, saying seriously,

"Victoria, promise him the collaboration. It would be yours!"

Looking at Maximilian’s determined eyes, Victoria was into a trance for a while. She felt it seemed that Maximilian had really changed and what he said would come true.

“Haha! It's a real cracker. What did you say?

Maximilian, what do you think this place is?

This is the Griffith company. You can't just blabber on about here!

Get the hell out of here!"

Franklin said angrily.

a place in the Griffith family. How dare he come to the company and tell them what to

look at Maximilian! He dares to meddle in the affairs of our

cold face at the moment and she would like to kill Maximilian with her slanted

looked at Maximilian with

"Get out!"

Griffith in H City

was his intention? Want to encroach on the assets of

Samuel, but he looked at Victoria

was his words that made Victoria have an impulse to turn

"Grandpa, I promise you."

stared at Franklin with

Yunsheng Pharmaceutical? Fine, I promise you. If I cant get the cooperation of Graham Group,

carefully. It can be about your own development, as well as the development

Samuel said,

with determination,'I've made the

her words, a cruel sneer appeared at the corner of Franklin's mouth as he

today can

not. But if I take the cooperation with Graham Group,

as if she

it was the courage

must live

you can take the cooperation with Graham Group, I won't compete with

and his eyes were full

should want to take

agreed, then she held Maximilian and

only after they had left that

to cooperate with Graham Group. I’m afraid that she will have to

Maximilian who interferes with it. What

of something. I'd like to see how he can

he knocked the cane

and Maximilian returned

and gave him a slap, scolding

dare make agree to a bet with Franklin? You're pushing Victoria

mouth to explain, when Laura continued to chastise

into the kitchen to

at Maximilian's

what are you doing? It was me who agreed to it, and

he barged into the

so angry that she gritted her teeth

the kitchen. Yuck,

out of your mind? How dare you follow the advice of that

reprimanded, poking

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