Dragon Master

Chapter 9 Doing Whatever He Could to Achieve His Goal


Whose name would he keep? Maximilian thought about it and said,


“Please just deliver the word that someone will give her a lifetime prosperity and make her the happiest woman in the world."


Hearing these words, Sapphire was touched a lot.


Maximilian was so nice to that woman who was so happy to be his wife!


After saying that, Maximilian left with the admiring and adoring eyes of the crowd.


Vanessa didn't rush to Sapphire until Maximilian had left, then she flattered Sapphire,


"Sapphire, please take me along. I want to see what Mr. Maximilian’s wife is like, and he should buy her this necklace. I guess she must be a heavenly fairy woman."


Sapphire smiled and said, "I was just about to ask you to come with me.”


Then they left in pairs.


At this moment, all employees of Yunsheng Pharmaceutical were discussing the a video heatedly.


The video was none other than the image of Maximilian being reprimanded by the sales assistant at the Cartier Boutique. Maximilian in the video looked humble and poor.


"Damn! Victoria's husband is too much of a poor guy.”


"A great laugh! A wimp like him should go to Cartier."


"Yes, he's a disgrace Victoria is so unlucky to marry such a loser."


Such voices could be heard all around the company. Maximilian was more notorious instantly in the Griffith company.


Victoria walked in through the front door at this moment and she frowned when she saw the messy scene.


She walked to an employee, and then she saw the video. She felt quite embarrassed and her face got ghastly.


"Vic...... toria."


Someone found Victoria and called her. Then the crowd dispersed in a hurry, returning to their position.


Victoria's face turned so red and she wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide herself.


Maximilian! Maximilian again!


Why did he keep embarrassing her! Victoria stomped her foot and walk towards her office.


But, suddenly, two women in professional suits came up to the reception and shouted,


"Excuse me, who is Miss Victoria? There is a delivery for you here."


Only now did Sapphire realize that it was Victoria Griffith that the necklace was to be delivered.


Then Maximilian, the famous wimp of H City bought the necklace?


But how could he be a loser since he could afford such an expensive necklace?


At this moment, seeing the high-class and exquisite chamberes they were holding, the employees burst out!


Were they the employees of Cartier?