Dragon Master

Chapter 8 Whose Name would He Keep


As soon as Travis entered, he looked at Maximilian with sarcasm. How dare the poor guy come to Cartier?


Maximilian frowned slightly, and chose not to pay attention to Travis.


Seeing Maximilian ignore him, Travis was annoyed immediately. Then he walked over and said with coldness,"Well, how dare you come to buy these luxurious jewellery?"


Maximilian said indifferently, "Why shouldn't I be able to see it since it is open for business?"


Huh. Travis sneered,


"Because you're poor. This is Cartier, whose necklaces and diamond rings cost tens of thousands dollars at least. Do you think you can afford it?"


He was a poor guy, and how dared he pretend to be rich in front of Travis. He didn’t even realize his own status!


Maximilian was silent as he wondered if he should show his strength in front of Travis.


And at the same time, that arrogant sales assistant who looked down on Maximilian walked to Travis and said softly with a complimentary smile, "Here you are, Mr. Travis. May I help you?"


Vanessa flattered Travis, as he was a gentry who owned tens of millions of dollars.


No single sales assistant or single woman would not like such a man.


Besides, Travis had bought a Heavenly Fairy Star Diamond Necklace this morning.


So what a difference between him and Maximilian, who was standing there like a log!


Travis gave a middle finger to Maximilian, and then he said to Vanessa, "I’m coming for the Hundred Flower Fairy Diamond Necklace."


He just couldn't believe that Victoria wouldn't like the necklace. The necklace was the dream of all women!


Upon hearing this, Vanessa and several sales assistants were all shocked and excited, then she said,