Dragon Master

Chapter 6 Generous Birthday Party

Inside the Imperial Room, Royal Court Club

Looking at the neon scene on the street outside, Maximilian stood in front of the large French window with his hands behind his body.

Behind him, stood Wilfred Collins, who was bending down and looked very respectful.

“What can I do for you, young master?" Wilfred inquired.

"On the 23rd of next month, it's my daughter's birthday. Make a reservation in Caesar Palace Hotel, and I want to hold a banquet with three hundred tables for the gentry in the city."

A light shone in Maximilian’s eyes. He thought that he would fulfill gradually what he had promised Victoria.

This time, he wanted everyone in H City to know that Sissi was his daughter.And Victoria was his wife.

She was the wife of the young master of the Dragon Sect.

Also, the future Dragon Queen of the Dragon Sect.

When Wilfred heard this, he shuddered slightly and said,’Are you sure you want to do this, young master?"

Maximilian looked back at Wilfred and frowned as he asked,'Is it difficult?"

Wilfred smiled,"This is a piece of cake for the Dragon Sect.But the problem lies on the Dragon Queen now. If you act in such a high-profile manner, I'm afraid it will cause the Dragon Queen's displeasure.”

The current wife of the Dragon Lord was a ruthlessness woman. Back then, when the young master and his mother were driven out of the Dragon Sect, even the Dragon Lord didn't dare to say anything, which was enough to see how mighty the Dragon Queen was.

Maximilian fell into silence then he said,"I won't care about this or change my requirements. so you have to manage it. If she has any discontent with me because of this, then I won't inherit the Dragon Sect, let alone to do anything for it."

After saying that, Maximilian waved his hand and left the Royal Court Club.

Wilfred bowed respectfully and watched Maximilian leave. It seemed that the young master had changed and become a bit stronger.

Wilfred’s black gold cane stroke on the ground, then there came a tall and sexy woman, who was swaying her hip in the doorway.

The woman, wearing a fiery red dress slit to the thighs, with her hair coiled, was extremely charming, and she could win a man's soul with a single smile.

“Wilfred.” The woman spoke up with her sweet and sexy voice.

Wilfred ordered,'Do as the young master wishes.”

"Yes, Wilfred.”

The woman turned around and left the chamber.