Dragon Master

Chapter 5 I Promise You

Maximilian was somewhat swollen and stunned as he watched Victoria’s strange gaze lingering over himself.

“Why are you still here? And this old gentleman, who is he?’

Victoria looked unpleasant.She was not very good to Maximilian. After all, during these four years, she had suffered from other people's contempt and ridicule because of him, and she had already given up hopes for him.

But now, Maximilian was actually standing next to a Rolls Royce car.

How...Maximilian scratched the back of his head awkwardly, his eyes falling on Wilfred, who was at the side.

Wilfred immediately laughed and said,"Little brother, thanks to you for showing me the way. I'll leave first. In the future, if you need anything, you can call me anytime.”

After saying that, Wilfred got into the car.

The Rolls Royce eased out of the way. Maximilian also explained with a smile.

“The old gentleman didn’t know his way around, so I showed him the way.”

Hearing this explanation, Victoria didn’t get suspicious.

Thinking about it, it was impossible that her husband was a hidden rich second generation.

At that very moment, a sharp and unkind word came,"Victoria, is this your husband, the wimp?"

The one who spoke was a gorgeous, stylishly dressed woman with big wavy hair, flaming red lips, wide sunglasses, and an edgy dress code of a black halter top and super-short white hot pants, with a pair of straight and slender legs that reflected moist white in the sunlight.

Victoria blushed slightly, squeezed out a smile, hooked the hair falling from her ears, and introduced him.

“Well, his name is Maximilian, my..."It seemed hard for her to say the word “husband”.

The woman folded her arms around her chest, making her bust full, and snorted.

“Victoria, you're too impulsive to marry such a worthless man. Did all the good men in the country die out?”

Leila, the daughter of the Thomson family, an overseas returnee, studied abroad for further studies four years ago and had just returned home these days.

She had wanted to meet Victoria's rumored useless husband, but she didn’t expect to run into him in time today.

At a glance, he was a loser indeed. Victoria didn’t explain, and her eyes resentfully glanced at Maximilian, who looked indifferent.

Why didn’t he have any shame? If it wasn’t for him, she would not lose face in front of her girlfriends.