Dragon Master

Chapter 140: The Real Reliable One

“Fuck off, idiot! How dare you say those big words? If Mr. Carter can’t deal with it, can you? You must be kidding me!” said Andy.


This was a good chance to flatter Humphrey. Once Humphrey had a good impression on him, he might be able to work at DK Investments one day.


Laura took away the water and snacks in Maximilian’s hand and shouted to him angrily, “Get out of my sight! I'll beat you if you brag again.”


Glancing at Maximilian, Humphrey pretended to be generous, “Mrs. Griffith, let the jerk stay here. He can clean up the rubbish for us, which is good for the environment.”


“Humphrey is right. Stay here and take charge of the rubbish, but don't disturb the negotiation between Humphrey and the company staff.”


“If he could deal with it, the sun would come up in the west.”


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Maximilian went to another side and looked at the annoyed Humphrey with cold eyes.


“Humphrey, don't be angry. I'll fix him when this issue is over.”


Laura comforted Humphrey in a hurry in case he would be influenced by Maximilian.


Soon a director of the investment company came, behaving like a thief.


“Are you Mr. Carter?” asked the director in a low voice.


“I’m Humphrey Carter, the general manager of DK Investment. What’s wrong with your company? Even if it went wrong with the yield, you should at least return the capital,” said Humphrey aggressively.