Dragon Master

Chapter 138: Take It Easy

Maximilian twitched his mouth but didn't retort. These people were in anger, and were difficult to communicate with.


He turned around and had a look at the plaque. Then Maximilian sent a message to Connor to dig the background of the company.


Most people who were running an investment company used to be a loan shark. They could be connected with the underground organization.


Maximilian thought that this one could be the same, so Connor could find out some information.


They could run, but they couldn't hide. Once he knew the background, the problem could be solved fundamentally.


Seeing Maximilian was in a daze, Lily sneered, “Look at your stupid son-in-law. He doesn't find any solutions but looks at the door of the company. Is there anything wrong with the door?”


“Maximilian, come here! Don't be silly. Try to find a way!” said Laura angrily.


Lucy’s son-in-law Andy arrived at that moment. When he saw Maximilian, he laughed.


Andy was very jealous of Maximilian, who could marry such a beautiful wife. However, after hearing many stories of Maximilian these years, he didn’t envy Maximilian at all, but disdained him instead.


“Hey, the top crap of H City. What brings you here? It may be very difficult for you to deal with the investment stuff. However, I have contacted some professionals, and they will do something useful,” said Andy, who was looking up with folded arms, being very arrogant.


Lucy became proud at once. “My son-in-law has a wide network of contacts. Although he still works as a cop, he knows many people. He can seek help from some dignitaries, and our money will be back soon.”